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I didn't find a good audiobook because I was overwhelmed with the search. I did get an ebook of Fumbling the Future, which I've been meaning to read for a while.

It's really coming down outside.


Hopefully this will ease the pain in my back.

@xocekim Hi! New followers with no posts are often bots. Post something, so I know you're not a bot and can refrain from blocking you.


Every time Doctor Manhattan appears on screen, my first thought is Ligma.

And I blame you people.

After, I think the old time radio researchers group might be my favorite collection of folks currently working on the internet.

(Think about what a security nightmare wireless flash drives would be!)

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Better thought:

We have wireless power transfer. NFC and RFID do limited wireless data transfer.

When do I get wireless flash drives?

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I wish there were very cheap mp3 players or other media consumption devices.

I have flash drives that cost $1 each, and I can put radio shows on them, but most people don't have a way to get the data from that flash drive in to their ears without an intermediary device they do not carry with them (such as a PC) or a dongle (that they do not carry with them) to connect to the intermediary device (phone) they do carry with them.

(this thought inspired by the absolutely unmanageable task of browsing an online bookseller's library aimlessly.)

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Bookstores serve three purposes today that I can think of:

- public space for readers to gather
- curated, browseable collection
- knowledgeable staff.

These are valuable things! Especially the fact that the collection is a subset of currently published books. (This is incredibly frustrating when you are looking for a title they do not have, but vital when you are not looking for a specific title.)

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I think sometimes about the function of otherwise outdated spaces, and the things that let them continue to exist in the modern world.

Libraries, for example, are often dismissed as unnecessary relics, but serve lots of vital functions that don't (and really, can't) exist elsewhere, from education to research to archival to technology services.

But right now I'm thinking about book stores.

I have seven credits from, and I'm going to use them to grab a couple of books right now.

No idea what, or when I'll listen to them, but I'm going to get some books.

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My new hobby is inventing things, which I immediately discover already had been invented

I'm downloading episodes of The Computer Chronicles to watch while I am in California.

Sun Ra’s Full Lecture & Reading List From His 1971 UC Berkeley Course, "The Black Man in the Cosmos"

@ajroach42 that's kinda what I'm hoping for, a good enough experience on my part to drive adoption amongst my fedifriends - we need our own platform Around This Place and well, this one might be just about right for a lot of fun experimental things

Anyone looking for something to read, and want to support the indy's, check CREEPER MAGAZINE.

"Weird crime, conspiracies, paranoia, folklore, the occult, modern myth, bizarre philosophy, fringe tech and genre-exploding fiction. CREEPER is the sort of magazine that could never exist in the mainstream, so we had to make it ourselves."

(Thank you to @lefarfadet for spotting that the original link from the magazine cover was broken...)

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