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Hi! What are your favorite games currently on

I'll buy (and play) the first five or six that look interesting, and boost all of them.

I wonder if UMUC had a college of education.

Now I want to find a school called University of [place] university college - college of education for school.

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To my deep and lasting disappointment, UMUC recently changed their name to University of Maryland Global Campus. This is an objectively worse name than University of Maryland University College.

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I met a guy who took out a loan from FCB bank to go to UMUC.

He took a loan from Fredrick County Bank Bank to go the University of Maryland University College.

Bank bank, University University College.

I don't know what this says about him, or why he told me these things, but I'm glad he did.

If you want to get a jump on me, and be ready to participate as soon as everything is ready, you can do that!

Start thinking about where you would fit in a civilian analog to Star Trek's Star Fleet.

You're a crew member in the background somewhere, offering your commentary on whatever is going on in your life, and however you relate to the events on the ship.

Who are you? Where did you grow up? What's your role on the ship?

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The pitch:

will be a community based collaborative podcast about life aboard a civilian deep space exploration vessel (or elsewhere in the extended universe) told in the form of mission reports and personal logs, as recorded by me, my friends, and whoever else wants to participate.

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Anyway, I'm sure I've talked to a lot of you about this at various points, and I'll send invites to as many of you as I can remember this week, and I'll post a few links as soon as I'm ready.

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I'm mostly feeling better, still a fair amount of congestion. I scheduled today for working on this, and I really wasn't feeling up to it, but I worked on it anyway and I'm glad I did.

I have a few more hours scheduled for it this week, and I'm going to drop up a sign up sheet and a few homework worksheets on character backgrounds and stuff.

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I need to do some software housekeeping and make sure that we have backups, basic infosec, and enough resources to support 30 or 40 people, but the core software is there and functional, and all the introductory text and groundwork is there.

I'm excited, and a little nervous.

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Alright! My too ambitious community based collaborative science fiction space adventure podcast is about a half inch from the point where I can start bringing people in to help work on it.

We're still a few months from having anything listenable, but I spent a few hours today doing logistics and planning and writing.

I am so excited. (small thread)

@Ethancdavenport @Username_Here_ASAP - I hope both of you are well. I'm mostly recovered and working on project work. I will be calling on each of you for assistance with various things in the near future, please let me know if this will be unduly burdensome.

Suggest styles of food or locations for a late lunch/early dinner to me?

It's 5:30 here, and I should eat.

Rampant consumerism 

Resolving to interact with the things I care about more intentionally. (By which I mean I'm going to play SNES and GBA and PSX and PC games more often.)

No science fiction movie has aged as gracefully and elegantly as Blade Runner.

God, what an amazing film.

Has anyone here managed to get snap working well in an emulator? The last I checked it didn't work at all, but I'm seeing some reports that it can be done.

Have you done it? On Linux? How?

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I really need to set up the rest of my emulator library. Video games are good.

Gonna try to spend an hour or two a month actually playing games. I think I'll feel better if I do.

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