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NASA concept art, for sure. The travel posters they did a while ago, too.

My picture of Mike Hazard as a blade runner, maybe.

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I'm so glad Glimpse exists, so I can stop using that other program.

Thank you @trechnex


I'm looking for some advice.

I want to cover the walls in artwork, but I want to have a touch of Us in that art.

So that means I'm looking for public domain and creative commons science fiction illustrations, comic books, mechanical bits, computer-y bits etc.

I know we'll use some of the 1906 War of the Worlds art, because I love it. I know I'll use the cover to Space Patrol #2 because it's Wonderful.

But ... what else?

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Hey Nerds! What's up?

I'm trying to figure out the best way to decorate our coffee shop. Right now our walls are covered in photography from a local artist, and the photographs are lovely, but they're not really the style I want to go for. There are too many of them, and they are too expensive.

The photographer was closely associated with the old owners, and I don't expect we'll maintain the same working relationship.

I'm planning to replace most/all of the artwork on display. (thread?)

We're planning our changes for the coffee shop, so that we can re-open safely. We have more floor space/seating than any other restaurant in town, and I'm looking forward to using that to help.

I dropped a chair straight on to my omnibook 300, and cracked the screen up a good one.

I have a spare, but I'm sad about it anyway.

If anyone has a lead on a replacement screen, let me know. Everything else is still functional, and I'm certain I could make it work if I could find a drop in replacement.

gotta be honest, it's awesome that i'm seeing legit pushback, even from people who don't care about information security, about kernel-mode drm and anti-cheat software.

i wonder how many of the bsods i saw in my 2000s were caused by starforce and other bad drm systems...

Consolers of the lonely hits different at thirty than it did at twenty.

State is what I was going for there. But statistics also works, I guess.

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And then Billie Holiday came in with Strange Fruit and 1) stole the show, 2) made me sad and angry at the stats of the world.

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And then Phil Ochs comes in with "here's to the state of Mississippi" and Damn.

Ochs was always spitting fire.

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And now it's Pete Seeger doing which side are you on, and :oof: you know?

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Kent State shooting 

I've scanned and found metadata for 164 of ... 3000 or so movie files.

Lots to go.

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