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Good Morning Fedinauts.

I hope you are doing well.

I am well and truly exhausted.

A unit that size is too big to put on a trailer, but if you stick a smaller one on a trailer, you can go the campground route (Which is surprisingly affordable in areas like mine.)

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Anyway, land is an issue, and zoning laws are a problem, and there are a dozen cheaper ways to do all this if you're willing to operate on the edges of the law.

There are likely cheaper buildings than the $12k prefab unit that home depot is selling.

Because it's a prefab building no construction permit is needed so you don't need a licensed contractor to do the work if I've understood correctly.

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In practice, what this means is that you're looking at something closer to $20k, rather than $12k to turn the place in to something livable, and there are a bunch of laws to navigate around building codes and zoning, but at 625 sqft, and on at least half an acre of land per home, it might actually be doable?

I'm waiting to hear back from some local home inspectors to get their thoughts on this.

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Now, there's zoning to worry about. And zoning laws are written to be ... well, actively antagonistic to the poor.

What that means in practice is that houses and mobile homes have a minimum amount of land they have to occupy, and that land has to meet certain requirements, and if you don't meet those requirements, you have to ask for permission from your city to actually live in the home.

It is something that can be worked through or worked around, just have to know the local laws.

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You'd have to add an upstairs fire escape, I think. Or maybe you'd just need a front door and a backdoor. I didn't really understand that section very well.

And, of course, the thing isn't on a foundation to speak of, so you'll fly away with sufficient wind (but this is no less true of mobile homes and most other small houses)

If there's already water on your property, the local water company will hook you up for $500. If there isn't, it's more but not a lot moer.

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So let's say you can find a contractor who can seal the thing up, drywall, and run power.

My uncle said that this would probably run $5k-10k depending on who did it. He does these things professionally, so I trust that I guess?

You'll lose 6 - 8 inches on every wall to drywall, insulation, and power wires.

Based on the building codes for GA, though, you're still within the legal definition of a house, the building could be made to GA codes as I understand them.

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There's a post going around twitter where someone is talking about buying a bunch of the two story toughshed from home depot, and building a little community.

This caught my attention a few days ago, and I've been thinking about it.

The shed, counting both stories, should have about 625 sqft of floor space. It's $12k or $200/month financed from home depot, they'll drive it out and build it on site.

It's not weather proofed, there are no interior walls, no power outlets, etc. etc. (thread)

"The Youth" by MGMT always fucks me up.

"This is a call to arms to live and love and sleep together
We could flood the streets
With love or light or heat, whatever"

The krusty krab is unfair, mr krabs is in there! Standing at the concession, plotting his opression!

At least, my personal blog will stay available at it's current URL, but that may or may not be a mirror?

I'll decide later.

And it's going to take time. Each item on that list is a multi-day project, and some of them are multi-week projects.

But, I think that gives me at least the shape of what I'm going for. I'll start there and then make it better.

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Probably going to go with gogs for git hosting, and I'll set up a couple of TB of network storage that all the servers can access, which should be fast enough for me.

Then I'll have all of that get imaged daily, and do a weekly offsite backup as well.

Everything will be available over a .onion address so I don't have to muck around with DNS. I might also muck around with DNS for some of these things, but I really think I don't want to.

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The tilde server will get inn2, and maybe synchronet.

I'll probably stick with Mastodon as my fediverse client, as I'm unaware of another option that works about over tor, but I also haven't looked. I imagine mastodon will actually run okay on a pi4. I guess I'll find out.

As far as hardware goes, I should be able to host all the simple websites on one raspberry pi, from any USB storage, the tilde/usenet/bbs will get it's own server, and the fediverse instance will get it's own server.

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- Personal Blog
- wiki/database of old useful software
- PD media collection, etc
- [redacted] and game related media
- Tilde server with basic web hosting and BBS/Usenet
- [redacted] and public domain books
- probably another fediverse instance that only federates over the onion, just to see what that's like

I can do the websites with apache and some simple naive shell scripts. I can do the wiki with Dokuwiki, or something else.

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it blows my mind that in other countries you dont file taxes, its just done automatically, and you have to file in the US because a software company specializing in selling you tax filing software has lobbied Congress enough to enshrine the entire industry.

So software:

I'm going to run a couple of static HTML websites, maybe with some basic templates I throw together in bash or PHP.

I'll do some cron jobs to periodically generate status pages and fetch RSS feeds and what have you. I'll make those sites available over Dat or IPFS, tor, and maybe the regular internet? I haven't decided if I want to route a regular domain name to my home or not.

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I also want to run a web proxy on our home network that does https to http proxying for older computers, and maybe also does some html decluttering, so that I can actually browse the web from my Mac Plus and my omnibooks, because sometimes I just want to do that.

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