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missung lyrics; smooth criminal. 

History of DRM and the campaign against it:

What I do:
* Categorically refuse to support DRM in the web browsers I develop
* Promote high-quality movies & (audio) shows which are distributed without it
* Not subscribe to or watch any "streaming" services (unless I'm joining family/friends for socializing)

Please recommend me some movies so I have to make exceptions?

@ajroach42 Favorites: Blue is the Warmest Color (despite its problems), My Favorite Thing is Monsters, Phonogram vol 1 (the later ones I like less), Safe Sex, Saga.

I've also really been liking Breathers. It's too early to be on my faves list, but it's on the way there, and I'm really excited to see what direction it goes!

Honorable mention: Sex Criminals, This One Summer, The Fire Never Goes Out, Ruby Falls.

@ajroach42 Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is my favorite mainstream title. It has landed well with my kids too who are not as familiar with the Marvel universe.
Black AF is ongoing and shows a lot of promise. I'm hoping it'll be great but it's not quite best of the best yet. It's kind of Icon/Superboy teen coming of age stuff.
Sam Bosma's Fantasy Sports series (d&d type story crossed with sports manga) is great fun, but so expensive because the books are really high quality hardbacks, that I'd have never read it without the library.
The Kurdles is my absolute favorite comic of recent memory. There's one book and one zine so far. It's a pooh bear/paddington type world that's subtly subversive. The characters are just wonderfully flawed and the art is amazing. I want everyone else to love it too because I want him to make more zines.
Boom publishes some really good series that only ever go 8-16 issues. Abbott, Day Men, Destroyer. All good and I think all complete.

It trips me up that there are multiple famous fictional "Buzz"s associated with space travel in the 40s and early 50s, in addition to Buzz Aldrin.

Like, "Buzz" isn't a common name.

Why are there so many Buzz's in space?

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Bliss, the new Green Hornet, and The Last Ronin all have my attention.

I really enjoyed the Doc Savage reboot dynamite did a few years ago.

I'm looking forward to some Project Superpowers style stuff. Golden age reboots and reimaginings.

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What are your favorite current comic books? What are the best series(es) of the last five years?

What titles are you excited for?

Wait. Fletcher Hanks wrote a comic about "Buzz" of the "Space Patrol" in 1940???

I wonder if that influenced Buzz Corry of the space patrol 10 years later.

Hey! Who wants to see some pictures of our robot wall?

@ajroach42 maybe set up a nice self-registration system on the internal lan subnet for the mesh, let people register their device's .meshnet hostname for p2p comms and/or self-hosting with your local community...all kinds of possibilities...

@ajroach42 "if the calculation were correct each 100-gram serving [of spinach] would be like eating a small piece of a paper clip."

You ever think about how Popeye the Sailor man's whole "I'm strong becuase spinach" schtick started as homegrown propaganda durring the meat shortages of WWII to make sure kids got enough iron?

Anyway, I'm having an egg and spinach sandwich and watching Popeye.

Folks at 25 or under, how many of your peers who are cops or work in emergency services took those jobs, at least partially, because of Rescue Heroes?

you know the world is fucked up when we've somehow already entered into the "halloween-through-new-years" holiday season months earlier than expected

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