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A while ago I wrote a thing about running an old school BBS over tor:

If you know anything about tor or BBSs, would you mind giving me some feedback on it? I'm going to polish it up and publish it today.

We have yunohost running on a pi3 at the coffee shop to host some files, etc.

I'd like to set up an internal message board on it for planning things like group outings and events.

Do you have any suggestions?

Look like the Bass Reeves comic they're selling at walmart is published by a trumper.

I've never been so disappointed about comic books.

The idea was that you would throw the ball, the pokemon toy would trigger the mousetrap mechanism swallowing up the pokemon, and the elastic band would return the ball to your hand.

It never worked that way in practice, but that's okay.

Anyone remember these?

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When I was a kid, I had these Pokemon knockoffs that I got at the Family Dollar in town.

They were pokemon style toys, monsters with bright colors, and they came with a pokeball style toy on an elastic band, with spring loaded clamping action.

Anyone remember these or know what they were called? I'd love to pick them up again.

Saw some people talking about recently and I wanted to share this. @ajroach42 and I were extremely privileged to have Coville come speak at our middle school circa 2001 and he signed this book for me. It’s a hazy memory but he seemed a very pleasant man and this book is really good.

The Adventures of Pete and Pete was some top-notch surrealism. Like, they took the formula from The Wonder Years and put it through an absurd surrealist filter, and then somehow billed it as a Kid's show.

The theme song features the line "Can you settle to shoot me/or have you hit your target? "

The show features a ten year old boy with a tattoo of a woman in a red dress. There is, inexplicably, a town superhero? And none of the adults ever question that?

Also, "Global Adult Conspiracy."

NMS Rambles (because what else do I do) 

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*scanning the fed timeline for new people to follow*

Can someone point me to a decent runndown of the current funnctionality of the odroid go advance?

whats up masto. i started a kinda facebook/twitter hiatus aside from stuff I have to do for bi+ georgia. so naturally I'm here.

Yesterday Doug Eiffel with 2 votes defeated Captain Tom Sunlight (Christopher Mott) from The Red Panda Adventures with 1 vote.

Mordriel The Malevant (Steven Burly) from The Red Panda Adventures with 1 vote was defeated by The Flying Squirrel with 2 votes.

Hugh Jackman defeated Lt. Clnl. defeated Melissa Walker (Aba Woodruf) from Marsfall at 1 to nil.

And Croach defeated Sue Chef Earl Harland (Wil Wheaton) from Welcome to Night Vale at 2 + 2 bonus votes to nil.

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In the next round Doug Eiffel will face off against The Flying Squirrel. He'll probably compare her to Robin from Batman & Robin as she punches him half to death!

And Croach The Tracker will face off against Hugh Jackman.

But first I've got plenty *lots* more fictional characters in the first round!


Note: Victor's a redheaded smoker, if that helps you place the character. Couldn't get a last name... You score a bonus vote if you can place him!

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