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I have the day off today.

I'm planning to maximize that.

Kodi seems to work well enough, aside from me still needing to work out the bluetooth settings.

(Kodi doesn't offer BT as an audio device for me, but that might be my fault. Exploring further.)

So I'll use Kodi to run the media player, I'll skin it up nice to keep things thematically appropriate, and I'll ... figure out how to make it launch the one game I want it to play and exit back to kodi.

Should be simple enough.

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The idea here is to expend minimal effort on custom solutions. Using off the shelf solutions wherever I can to make the end result maximally reproducible and flexible, and to move Quickly.

I don't want to put much effort in to the software side of this, and I want to leverage existing communities where I can.

If I have to write a little shim here or there to get closer to what I want, I'll do that.

If I am unsatisfied with the finished result, I'll consider replacing more bits.

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2. Software -

I need to figure out which Big Picture Mode supporting software package is going to be the least shitty to use on this display, or break down and rig up my own.

I'm going to try Kodi, retropi and/or lakka. I *think* I can get Kodi to do the things I want, and if I can get it to support the touch screen natively, that's all the better.

If not, I know I can get it to work with a USB gamepad.

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Mostly, right now, though I'm focused on two things:

1. Cable management - I need to reorganize the cables I'm using for both of these projects, shorten them, and run adapters and extension cables to maximize the amount of crap I can use this setup for without having to take it apart.

This is especially important for the speaker. I need to route some extension cables through the case to make use of the existing holes in the case for charging, aux in, etc.

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I'm going to 3D print a facade for the lunchbox to hide the cables, and to provide a port for charging, and expose the USB ports for the controllers.

I might mock it up in Lego first, though, because I haven't unpacked my 3D printer.

The upshot should be a little lunchbox arcade, TV/Radio, complete with period appropriate custom BT speaker.

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The radio was badly broken when I received it. The batteries leaking had corroded much of the circuitry, and several capacitors had given up the ghost.

I removed the radio board, and will likely repair it at some point, but in the meantime, I've replaced the radio board with a generic Bluetooth module.

I need to do some cable management inside so that it's possible to actually charge the battery and power on the module without removing the case, but that should be easy.

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I guess I should explain what's happening here.

I was gifted a lunchbox. It's ~10 years old, but made to look like a Tom Corbett Space Cadet lunchbox from the 50s.

It is the right size to hold a raspberry pi, touch screen, battery, and one or more game controllers.

I'm going to configure it to use some kind of Big Picture Mode, and set it up to play episodes of Space Patrol TV, Tom Corbett TV, Space Patrol and Tom Corbett Radio, and the game Spacewar!

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VLC won't play a video in full screen, centered and letterboxed, on the pi. It insists on sticking it in the top left corner. I'm not sure why, so I have to look at that too.

OMXplayer won't play the video in it's native aspect ratio, insists on stretching it to fill the screen.

These are two points against the current software setup I'm using. There are other points too (the touch screen just isn't accurate enough to replicate a mouse, for example) but that's okay.

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Raspbian, by default, can't connect to a bluetooth speaker without a mouse. You have to right click on an icon in your task bar to connect to the BT speaker, and you have to do this *every time*.

The touch screen doesn't have a way to right click. Even with a keyboard.

So I gotta figure that out, among other things.

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Paul doesn't seem very interested in reading S-100 card documentation.

Normalize talking about how much you're paid with your co-workers.

It is the only way people will truly realize the income disparity between themselves and their just-as-qualified queer and/or BIPoC friends and colleagues.

This should be normal in ever industry. The fact it isn't is actively aiding executives in systemically discriminating against minority groups.

Today was a hard day. Tomorrow will be a hard day.

It's amazing how absolutely Combative some folks can get over completely trivial stuff.

Like, I'm genuinely astounded.

@ajroach42 and find me a GUI that was easier to program than:

button .hello -text "Hi"
pack .hello

To the couple to my left, my coffee shop is a happy place. Take your argument about Michigan somewhere else.

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