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Alright, first:

Jack black appears in blackface in the film.

This makes sense within the context of the film, and is addressed as unacceptable by the members of the community his character is living in.

It doesn't add anything to the film, and it's a pretty surprisingly low note in a film that is otherwise about community unity.

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We watched Be Kind, Rewind last night.

I have to say some stuff about it.

I just typed two words into the google machine and the first link it returned was part of a repo owned by @ajroach42

synchronet tor

I keep cycling back to this. I'm doing so now.

on Sunday, 2021 02 28, I will be installing synchronet in the lab on a tor-connected rpi4 in hopes of connecting with other like-minded sysops interested in exploring a bbs network with internode traffic carried over tor (and client traffic carried over tor or (tls-encrypted) clearnet at your preference).

tagging this #synchronetTor for lack of a better name.

HMU if you're interested in exchanging traffic.

I got oat milk for the first time ever for my coldbrewed chicory and this is a step towards deepening addiction

I'm buying record collections, and batches of records.

If you have records to sell, in bulk, lets talk.

I finished The Theory and Craft of Digital Preservation earlier. I am writing about it now. If was pretty good, and inspired some thoughts.

It's mostly ideas and frameworks about the kinds of work that need to be done, without spending too much time on the mechanical aspects.

What it does say about the technical side of things aligns with the advice I've received here this week.

I'm working to summarize and synthesize all of this in to my archive plans.

Up next: art of guerrilla television.

elevator pitch: it's a script that archives a mastodon instance into a static web site so no urls break but it can be hosted in perpetuity for a thousandth the cost of hosting it as an active instance.

@ajroach42 I recently discovered that today's macOS can't even mount a Mac-format (HFS) CD from 1999 or so.

I'm reading the theory and craft of digital Preservation, and even he's talking about clay tablets.

@ajroach42 In fact modern media has rewired our brains to want an explosion every 5 seconds. You only have to go back a few years to find things seemed to be paced more slowly.

@ajroach42 Okay, we watched Barbarella and it made us so silly that we broke a wineglass. (Not deliberately, but from flailing around with silliness.) Thanks for the rec! (The COSTUMES! The SIXTIES DEBAUCHERY! JANE FONDA!!)

I gotta get some ssds for my vmhost box one of these days. IO waits suck.

@ajroach42 available to consumers? Probably the most reliable right now is a magnetic hard disk using an archival filesystem that builds in data redundancy across physical areas of the platters. Make an archive, park the heads, take some care to store it safely, and it should last a long time with little to no data damage

Theoretically? Laser etching fused quartz or nanoglass at around 300nm; high density, and doesn't degrade on human timescales. (websearch:"5D optical storage")

It's absolutely viable—there have been working devices—but cost-prohibitive for nearly all users at the moment

I would have also included:

- Planet of the Apes (his reason for not including it is bad.)
- Thunderbirds are go
- SANTA CONQUERS THE MARTIANS (It's wonderful, you're wrong.)
- Marooned (maybe?)
- Moon Zero Two (except probably actually not.)
- Mutiny in Outerspace
- The first men in the moon
- Others? Doctor Who and the Daleks maybe? Visit to a small planet?

And yeah, I totally would have included 2001. You can't not include 2001, it was a landmark.

But I am sick of talking about it.

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My list would definitely include:

1 - Robinson Crusoe on Mars
2 - The Silent Star
3 - Planet of the Vampires
4 - Barbarella
5 - The Phantom Planet

I don't think that I would have included 2001 a space odyssey. It's reputation is overblown. It has some Great moments, but it had a detrimental effect on scifi more generally.

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His list:

1 - 2001 a space odyssey
2 - Robinson Crusoe on mars
3 - The Silent Star
4 - Planet of Storms
5 - Planet of the Vampires
6 - Barbarella
7 - The Phantom Planet

Many of these are excellent choices! But even as he's calling them The Best space movies of the 1960s, it feels like he's hedging against that for people who disagree.

I dunno.

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I have started to write about this four times and stopped each time.

I don't have any specific quibbles with the films selected. They're fine. I found the video presentation left something to be desired, and I probably would have shaken up the order and included a few different choices.

Maybe I should just make my own.

I'll make my own.

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