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Registration #A18388 - 1947-09-22
Title: Night stick; the autobiography of Lewis J. Valentine
Author: Valentine, Lewis Joseph
Claimants: Dial Press, inc.
No renewal record found.

Registration #A365352 - 1958-11-11
Title: Metallic rectifiers and crystal diodes.
Claimants: John F. Rider, Publisher, Inc.
No renewal record found.

Registration #A613168 - 1963-01-10
Title: The horizons of man.
Claimants: Wayne State University Press, Wayne State University Press
No renewal record found.

In case anyone was curious, this is the view from the top of georgia.

Guess I should be glad I didn't buy another LG phone.

How To Destroy Surveillance Capitalism by Cory Doctorow was pretty graet, and I'm glad I read it.

I still don't understand why he published it through Medium, but whatever.

I had heard the remix "we're new here" previously. That's the remix album by the dude from The xx.

It's... fine? I guess.

This is gorgeous though, at least so far.

The remix album is just okay.

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Listening to Gil Scott Heron's I'm New Here and wondering why this wasn't the start of an absolute revolution in music.

Sitting down with a cup of iced coffee, a(n electric) fireplace, and a copy of Doctorow's (@pluralistic) how to destroy surveillance capitalism on this fine morning of rebirth.

The shop is closed, empty. The music is Jazz, lively. The book is angry, timely.

When I finish it, I'll be productive, maybe.

@ajroach42 Love it and really digging the "Big Brother? We're watching."

@ajroach42 I like it much, I'm tired of playing on other people's world. Cosplay is dead. I make my own thing

@ajroach42 it's a fun combination of words to juggle, too.

Become. Own Your Media.

Mediate Your Own Becoming.

Become Media. You Own.

I've been playing with slogans for our DIY media effort.

This is what I came up with so far.

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