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An aside about film 

Alright, 8 years ago when Ryan and I were planning our Magazine that we used to bootstrap our Record Store we had planned:

- To develop film at the record store
- To issue Pentax K1000 SLRs to every contributor to the magazine (on loan) and supply them with film and development services
- To use those photos in the magazine.

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Stuff inbound for the maker space 

A film developing kit.

That is to say, the chemicals and plastic bits required to develop black and white film.

Because we're going to be running a full dark room.

Additionally, we'll be demoing a couple of options of film scanner, and we'll have three photo printers we're putting up against one another for doing prints.

I'm really excited about this. I was a film shooter for years, and this had always been the plan for ... I need to do an aside.

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Stuff inbound for the maker space 

Screens, photo emulsion, transparencies, vinyl, and ink for screen printing.

We're going to start with the vinyl cutter for making stencils to print, and we're going to try and screen print the baffles of the speakers.

We'll probably also do a thing I used to do, where you get a bunch of ugly t-shirts second hand and bleach them and then reprint them.

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Stuff inbound for the maker space 

8 x speaker drivers and speaker binding posts from Parts Express.

(When we ran Analog Revolution, Ryan and I designed and manufactured a pair of cheap hifi speakers using an open baffle design. They sound pretty great, and most folks preferred them in a blind listening test to the other speakers in their price range.

But we haven't made any in a long time, and frankly we were working way too hard on them.

By Saturday, we should have Speakers again.)

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Thank you everybody that threw out suggestions. I found the one I was thinking of. It's called Frequency Earth and they had planned to do another season but apparently never did. Bummer. Still worth a listen to the first season. I enjoyed it.

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Damn, the last few days have been Busy.

We have some shipments inbound, and I'm going to do a quick thread talking about those things.

playing the game where i try to find weird cool stuff on and today i won. heres a cool document that's p much an scp, when the cia was apparently trying to explore mars with psychokinesis

I am in need of a reasonably high quality photo printer with a reasonable ink cost to performance ratio.

What'cha got?

Is there an ecotank printer that works well for photos?

This video, animated in blender, might be the most realistic 3D animation I've ever seen.

@ajroach42 "The President is requested to issue a proclamation"

I wonder if that actually means requested or is just weird legalese for required

@ajroach42 "Loyalty Day" was created to replace "International Workers' Day" or, "May Day," or "Labor Day" on May 1. It was essentially an anti-labor, anti-Communist move on the part of Eisenhower and is the reason why the U.S. is the only country that doesn't have its Labor Day on the same day as the rest of the world.

Well I can see the current track from toot-lab radio on my PineTime. Thats pretty neat.

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I'm using the hotspot on my phone, because the cable company hasn't been by yet and the difference in speed for the hotspot vs what I get when using my phone directly really makes me want to just hook my phone up to a docking station.

I'm sure I have a USB dock around here somewhere. I wonder if I can get video out...

Oooh, spacebar on the thinkpad is sticking.

That's not great.

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Alright, things are working well enough that I'm spinning down the old server.

I'll keep a backup, butI'mnot paying to keep it off but allocated.

but I'd like it if folk spent a little more time thinking about how they can encourage the young folk near them to create more than they consume.

not out of some drive to produce, or be successful, but to share, both knowledge and experiences. to participate in the story and the telling.

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We're going to be clearing out and making use of the old driveway to this building and I'm wondering...

The old driveway is on the main road through town (river street) the new driveway is on a road that was cut in the 90s, and is named after the guy that paid to have it developed, and no one knows it's here, or knows it by name.

I wonder if we could get the county to rezone us to an address on River Street instead.

everything leans toward consumption.

creation is something others do, for money, in industry.

and that's bad news for storytelling, folks. and when storytelling suffers, we lose knowledge.

I have no citation for that, but it's a hill I'll die on.

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