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It's time to build a 1920s mad scientist's workshop.

I kind of feel like I'm teetering right now.

What's something good, or interesting, or worthwhile happening in the world?

And I'm using that as my guiding principle when it comes time to decide which things get our resources.

- what is the impact of doing this
- what is the cost of doing this
- what is the cost of not doing this
- if not us, will anyone?
- am I the right person to take this one? (No! So who is?)

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As I'm working on the makerspace, and planning our future projects and budgeting for where we will invest the and money, I keep thinking to myself "if we don't, who will?"

If we don't archive the things we can, maybe no one will. If we don't provide access to tools and resources and education, who will? If we don't fund (with people, with money, with words) the development of the software we need and want, it will never exist.

In a million small ways, we're changing the world.

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I spent some time working in the archive today. I'll have a fair amount to upload tomorrow.

And my 3mil stylus for 78rpm archiving should be here soon, so I can safely start tackling the really rare stuff.

I really love the visual style of blue notes 50s album covers.

Tight cropped photos, prominent and Designed text, monochromatic with a wash of color.

I also love the way a lot of garage, punk, and pop punk bands mimicked elements of this trade dress/visual style for various individual releases. As if to say "take this one seriously"

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Alright, I'm listening to Art Blakeyand the Jazz Messengers play Moanin' this fine while I contemplate the direction of the rest of the day.

Alright y'all, go peep the absolutely Fantastic guitar on Diesel Smoke Dangerous Curves by Gene Autry, archived and uploaded by Ellijay Makerspace as part of the Lesser 78 Project.

I need to (and will soon) listen to jazz on this fine Sunday morning, but I had to kick things off with a tour of late 00s pop punk.

I'm thinking about participatory media and personal vs algorithmic curation. Comparing my creative and consumptive habits with those of others that I know.

I feel a blog post coming on, but I dunno if I have that in me today.

I saw a truck with a confederate flag and thin blue line flag sitting on the side of the road having been pulled over by no less than six State Patrol officers.

Now I very much need to know what led to the situation.

My 4 yo has just informed me that BB-8 is his best friend in the world. So I guess that purchase was on point.

Murder/suicide, drugs, pro wrestling 

But he was also a Central player in early WCW. He was one of the Four Horsemen. He was one of the best performers in the industry at the time.

It's impossible to revisit that era of pro wrestling without confronting his presence, because there was no wrestling in the early 90s without Chris Benoit.

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Murder/suicide, drugs, pro wrestling 

Watching Chris Benoit wrestling is a real bizarre experience knowing how his life ended.

He was a hell of a performer in the ring, but every time his head hits the mat, I am reminded that a combination of prolonged steroid use and "brain damage due to repeated concussion" was a leading theory as to what ultimately led him to kill his family and himself.

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"whenever you see two horsemen you're going to see four horsemen."

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