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Let someone else direct, let someone else execute. I want to write scripts and video game treatments and blog posts.

I want to do more fiction podcasts. I want to do more video production.

I want to produce media.

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I have a bunch of stuff I want to build, but those are mostly weekend builds.

I am learning to make music for the first time in any serious fashion, and that's Exciting and Time Consuming.

I'll talk more about that in a bit.

I've been idly working on some video games. Slowly but surely.

I'm an okay developer, a decent writer, and a passable graphic designer. It's a crime (/testament to my ADHD) that I don't have anything other than some playable demos.

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As things coalesce in to something like coherence here at the maker space, I really find myself looking towards the future.

I have finished, or am finishing, many of the self contained projects that I've been working on for the better part of a decade.

I'm handing off many of the smaller ongoing projects now that they're stable, and sunsetting some stuff that has been taking up a bunch of time but which I'm not enjoying.

And now I'm trying to think about what I want to do next.

Alright y'all, I'm writing Episode 8 of Expedition Sasquatch right now, and it's also really really great and I'm so excited to be pushing this project forward.

I want to get us up to a backlog of 10 scripts, so I don't end up being a bottleneck in the future (which is part of why it took so long to release the last episode.) and also get us in to a better build/release pipeline (so I don't end up being the bottleneck, so we can not take an 18 month hiatus.)

@Username_Here_ASAP I'm dying to know what you think of that script. I know you won't have time to do anything with it until after super birthday, but I'm so ready to expand on Jack doing stuff that isn't bigfoot hunting and getting surprised by bigfoot.

@ajroach42 As for print and typography, linotypes were brand new in the 1890s and took the world by storm around the turn of the century, displacing hand-set type in a shockingly short time. Suddenly it became much easier to print newspapers, magazines and other pamphlets. Lots of small publishers entered the market, and bigger publishers went to press earlier and more often, all the while decrying the lower barrier-to-entry that they claimed was degrading journalistic standards. Instead, we got the First Golden Age of Journalism, and huge amounts of populist fury that fueled the labor movement that propelled America out of the gilded age and into a new world of workers' rights.

So in other words, take your existing mental image, add a few picket signs, the occasional riot, and lots of newsstands scattered all throughout. Also might be worth searching up some of the classic Mergenthaler Linotype fonts, as they'd be seen everywhere.

I mean at best the lightly chuckle and that'll be the end of it

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On my lunch break today, I wrote an episode of expedition Sasquatch that features an extended conspiracy theory section about buster Keaton and Jimmy Carter.

It also features a joke that precisely one person in the entire world, other than myself even has the context to understand, much less find funny.

It will probably be a week or two before we get this episode recorded, and an unknown amount of time after that before the person in question listens to it, but when they do ...


The upshot is that I can start 78 archival at full speed now, and have confidence that what I'm doing is as good as I can do it with the equipment available.

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I got a new cartridge specifically designed for playing 78s, as opposed to the microgrove cartridge I had been using previously.

This cartridge picks up noticeably less surface noise, while having no noticeable degradation in audio clarity.

It's larger size and lower tracking weight also mean that the amount of pressure being put on the record is 1) spread over a larger area at any given time, and 2) much lower. This means that our new system is much less likely to damage a 78.


The person who will rent it will likely have a room mate. That's two people who would otherwise be living with their parents or forced to leave the community due to inaccessible housing who now no longer have that problem.

That's good! But I really dislike the mechanism we're using to achieve that end.

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We bought it because if we didn't buy it, chances are good that it would have gone to a private equity firm or other similar organization which would have turned in to a short term rental, removing it from the pool of available houses.

We will not do that, and instead will be renting it out at a rate of $550/month to someone who was born in this community, but has since been priced out of it.

$550 is an astounding price for a rental in this area.

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I closed on a house today and I'm feeling pretty conflicted about it!

So here's the situation:

Houses in this region are being snapped up by private equity firms.

This house was reasonably priced (under 250k) but has some serious problems (Mold! and a roof that needs repair which led to the mold!) which will cost another $25k+ to fix.

It's not a big house, 2br/2ba, 1000 sqft.

10 years ago it was $90k.

@Username_Here_ASAP - Your new mic sounds great, the EQ is way different and the compression is pretty high. We might want to tweak that gain down a little bit, but otherwise it's Wonderful, especially compared to what you were recording on before and what I've been recording on.

I sent you the finished version of Episode 6, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'm writing episode seven now.

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@ajroach42 it doesn't ask much of the viewer either, there's little to no quandry or divide. You know who the heroes are. You know ghosts are running amok. You know basically nobody likes the heroes. Basically they can only come out ahead of where they started.

honestly i wish more stuff was as shamelessly fun

@ajroach42 It's the best movie ever made about running a startup business.

It's 80 out, and the dew point is 70, and it's night time and the air conditioning is barely functioning.


And it ends with The Ghostbusters fighting and killing an ancient god?

Like, what an absolutely bizarre premise for a major blockbuster.

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