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I'm looking forward to see what chefs like @ajroach42 will be able to do with the next generation of compression technology:

I suspect these compression algorithms are using ML simply to duplicate the hand tuning and professional expertise he brings, but doing so in a less labor-intensive manner could be gratifying

(Unlike most discussions of "AI compression" I've seen, this one names specific projects, so it's likely a better starting point for a crawl)

What if we put Doom Marine's head on top of Laharl's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

Space Patrol - Uncertain Death S02E18 - 1952-05-03 now available for general access on patreon:

Watch or download it today.

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Just recieved a fiio m11 pro in the mail and

1) Hoo buddy it's a chonky boy
2) I dunno where Any of my headphones are
3) I've rarely been so excited for a device.

Anyway, this is also the teaser for our new show, which is shooting now for release this fall.

Should be fun.

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And here's one that's 24Kbps, which is less than my SFMF entry.

It's also in color, which my SFMF entry barely was.

This is ... Ugly and sounds bad, but it's also exceptionally small.

If I prepared something specially to be released like this, it wouldn't look or sound too terrible.

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Well, I say "substantially" but what I mean is "less than 10Kbps".

Uhh, let me tune this down under my Expedition Sasquatch Levels and see what I can get.

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Both of these are pretty substantially larger than the one I did for the small file media festival, but they look significantly better.

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Alright, doing some AV1 vs HEVC extra low bitrate testing, finally.

Results so far are that HEVC encodes 10x as fast, but looks significantly worse.

With AV1, I managed to get the file down to 30Kbps average, and looking ... fine? Like, better than stuff I've sat through intentionally.

I did some bullshit to make that happen.

This video is 720p and 68Kbps. for 512KB in total.

The nice thing about peertube being foss and having rss feeds is that it's quite easy to throw together a couple sloppy bash one-liners to automate downloading the latest videos from the channels you want.

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They're amazing!

They're also not ready for public consumption yet, but I'm super excited.

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I just got the concept art and an initial render from our VFX artist for the spaceships for Shouting in to the Void and I am SO EXCITED.

@ajroach42 It's wild that it's possible to have 12.5 mins of video at that size and have anything that's recognizable. impressive!

Now I kinda want to get around to actually building that floppy-based media player. I was originally just thinking midi files... but now...

The only bummer is that it seems like, of all the wild, impractical tech that companies built in the 80s and 90s; nobody bothered to do a floppy drive that you load like a tape deck; and aesthetically that is important to me

For now I'll say this: stuff like this is exactly why I undertook this project. It's delightful to have played a part in making (and keeping) it accessible.

If this kind of thing carries interest for you, please consider helping support my work.

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