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75 transactions. Number of sales up 32% over last monday, dollars up 24% over last monday.

Tourist season is a trip.

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We're at 50 transactions so far today, slightly under average transaction price (but well over normal number of customers by 10 on Monday.)

Total sales up 50% hour over hour compared to last monday which was already abnormally busy.

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Only 217 transactions yesterday, but an average transaction of 20% more than normal (which means larger groups all buying at once.)

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I would love to see actual Street Performer Protocol making a comeback. Open-licenced content, so the distribution problem is just solved, but released only after a specified amount of money is raised.

Like Amazon self-publishing but without Amazon getting in the way.

This screen is a little more glare prone than the one on my other lifedrive. I may have upgraded that? I don't remember.

Regardless, it does make a great video player.

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While discussing writing on the palm pilot, this article was shared with me:

It details Stephen king's experiment with digital distribution of an ebook circa August '00 (21 years ago.)

I don't know anything about this, and I dunno if it worked, or if he finished it.

I do think it's kind of quaint. Cute in an early web way.

But I also think that he came Very Close to hitting on the modern Patreon//early access model.

I bet that scared some publishers.


So next steps:

1) Get this keyboard working with the lifedrive that has a CF card where it's HDD should be.

2) Figure out what software is going to allow me to take best advantage of the palm as a dedicated writing device. What's going to be the easiest thing for me to write on? What's going to be the easiest thing for me to export from?

3) Figure out if the lifedrive is the device I want to use (or if it's the TX? or if I want to get an m500 because those look pretty tasty.

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K, jpilot doesn't work and I don't know why, but pilot-xfer works if and only if I 1) press the hotsync button 2) check which USBTTY the palm pilot has connected to, 3) then start pilot-xfer.

If I start pilot-xfer and then press the hotsync button, it jumps to a different USBTTY?

Regardless, I now have the keyboard driver installed (on the wrong Lifedrive) and I can verify that it works.

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Here's the takeaway (if you read this far, you're a legend): it doesn't have to be pretty, it doesn't have to be nice, but programming is super amazing because it lets you solve problems however you want. And that's the fun part. SO GO HACK SOMETHING that's been annoying you! <3

If I manually modprobe the visor driver, it does appear to recognize that the palm is on ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1, but then when I press the hotsync button I get an error in dmesg that says

"usb 1-2: palm_os_4_probe - error -110 getting connection info"

which seems like a problem.

I'm going to try to reboot, and then try pilot-xfer instead of jpilot.

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Yeah, this is probably a modern Ubuntu and derivatives problem, or I'm missing something critical that I am failing to understand.

If I had an SD card reader with me, I'd just use that, but I only have a microSD card reader with me.

Turns out that I grabbed the lifedrive I haven't refurbished instead of the one I have, so I'm not super concerned about getting it to work RIGHT NOW anyway, since I want to get it to work with my other lifedrive.

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This is one of those bits that I do once when I get a new computer and basically never have to think about again, you know?

And so I never remember how to do it.

And frankly, it changes between OS versions so much that I'm not convinced that I had to do anything other than USB: in jpilot the past.

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I am wasting a few minutes today trying to get my palm lifedrive to sync with my Pop_OS laptop.

I got jpilot to install, and I have pilot-xfer. But I have absolutely no idea which TTY the palm is on, and I can't seem to find a method of identification?

Probably the sound bulb? Possibly the film was loaded incorrectly.

I'll find out tomorrow.

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Looks like every film I digitized last week came through with no sound.

I gotta figure out why, but I'm pretty frustrated about it.

Using Jack on Linux it should be possible to output the audio from different applications to different devices, right?

I want my music player going to my BT device, and my editing stuff going to my monitors or headphones.

I'll fiddle with that at some point today.

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