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@ajroach42 Forgot to mention:
Sacred Heart, but you'll have to use the Way Back Machine and later chapters are print only I think?
also Drugs and Wires but you probably already know about it. but others might not, so it's worth a mention.


- @aprilorg has a few French posters with probably some already translated:

- a whole set by April

- by @LaQuadrature

- by @maltman23 & co, a comic but the first page would work as a poster

- @GeoffreyDorne sometimes does CS related stuff

- this from my bookmarks about a11y:

@ajroach42 on the computer literacy tip, the work Julia Evans (b0rk on twitter) does is faboo, and she's published them on her zine site:

Can you please send me your favorite electronics, open source software, free media, and computer literacy propaganda posters?

What's your favorite terminal web browser? gemini browser?

Alright, for the time being I'm going with a pi3, a USB SSD, and ubuntu server.

I don't have a good reason for any of these choices beyond being what I found first when I went digging through the boxes.

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4) What have you seen be successful to help onboard new people to tildes? What software is essential? What software is most confusing?

5) What's the best way to enable people to listen locally to music that is being played on the tilde?

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2) what OS should it run? I was planning ubuntu server, but could be talked in to any other flavor of Unix without much effort.

3) should it be accessible over the open internet (possible but a pain in the ass) or should it only be available in person and over tor over ssh?

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I'm setting up a tilde for the makerspace to be the place that I live digitally for the foreseeable.

I have some decisions to make. The biggest of which I will outline here and accept suggestions for.

1) what kind of hardware should power the mainframe? Super tempted by pi4 or pi0w 2 or whatever the new zero is called, but I also have new hardware and lots of less than ten year old hardware, and cloud is an option.

Celebrating today's very important holiday with some gear from The Garbage File:

11/22/87 - Never Forget

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