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Watching DS9 

My least favorite character from all Star Trek has arrived.

So far, S1 of DS9 has been Bad, and this just makes it worse.

I got vol 1 of The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records in today, but it's damaged in a couple of minor ways so I'm not going to be taking pictures of it until I get those bits replaced or repaired.

It's significantly more rustic in appearance, because it represents an earlier time. The books are just as wonderful. The flash drive is not as pretty, but it's not bad. The box and records are perfect.

I won't have time to sart exploring the music until tomorrow.

We want to start with a small crew to keep it manageable, and to maximize our chances of getting a few episodes out that are good and representative of the world we're trying to create before we open the floodgates.

There will come a time, I hope, when there are Many different settings, run by lots of different people, and I'm just a cog in that machine.

If we're going to get to that point, we need to lay a solid foundation, so do you want to help lay some foundation?

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We're working on our first few episodes, recording music and sound effects, and generally getting things polished and ready to be released.

And that means it's time to start soliciting contributors.

If you'd like to participate in a collaborative CC-BY-SA space adventure, let me know and I'll get you an invite to the preview site.

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This band never got the attention and respect they deserved.

They spent a few years between '98 and '01 cranking out absolute bangers in Boston and around the east coast. But never really got much play beyond that.

The members split up and went on to have moderately successful careers in music and art, you have almost definitely seen or heard things from them since then.

I first heard them when I was looking for episodes of the H2G2 radio show online in the mid 00s.

I found one person's personal website where they had the MP3s of the series from the past, and the series that was going at that time.

The only other mp3s hosted on their website was this band.

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Basically, until I can get other folks in on the production process, I'm just gonna barrel ahead as quick as I can.

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I'm re-writing the first episode, and also working on some stuff right now.

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We should have the first special effects shots for Shouting in to the void some time next week.

I should also get the models, so I can do a couple of shittier, quicker shots for within the episodes, so that'll be good. (Glad I spent the time learning the basics a few months ago!)


Wordle 208 3/6



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Citizen DJ has unlocked the newly public domain material, so I guess we'll get more Lo Fi beats to destroy the state to this weekend.

It's been a while since I've actually tried using the PinePhone; it's been sitting gathering dust on a shelf pretty much since I bought it. Every so often I drag it out, install some distros, and toss it back on the shelf. For this go-round I'm trying Manjaro running Plasma Mobile. Performance has massively improved since the last time I've tried it, and Plasma Mobile feels quite slick. Starting to feel like something I could actually find a use for.

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No. He stopped short of that and just said "You're on the other side" and Kira was supposed to understand that meant she was on the "right" (?) side?

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Is Sisko giving a "We are the bad guys" speech in the season one episode?

The roadblock that I hit most often, TBH, is props and costumes.

I just don't have a lot of experience in this department (these departments?) and I tend to underestimate how complciated it should be.

There's not a shortcut, because props and costumes are already a shortcut.

Props I'm okay with.

I have the equipment, I know the basic techniques. I have some rough designs that I need to iterate on. They come out okay.

I just ... I dunno I really struggle costumes.

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Like, dude comes at me with a knife and I have to spend five minutes fighting him off? Dude will never walk again.

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This DS9 episode has justa really casual attempted murder that everyone ignores, and then the guy who tried to kill people is made the high priest of a small village?

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