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I'm an #AppleII hacker best known for cracking thousands of disks:

Passport cracks a lot of disks automatically:

I also preserve still-protected disks:

Anti-M boots a lot of protected disks:

Pitch Dark, an Infocom text adventure pack:

Total Replay, an arcade pack:

Million Perfect Letters, a shifty word game:

Its purpose in life is to tell you that you have booted the wrong disk.

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If you're having a bad day, here's a partial listing of version 3.00P of a 40-year-old startup program for the wrong disk.

@ajroach42 Great ideas. Thanks for sharing, as always.
You mention using other computers as peripherals to provide input to the "brain" ESP32, but since it is so cheap and powerful enough, why not use other ESP32s for this task?
One could group protocols and APIs according to some taxonomy and, theoretically, provide a purpose-built OS who's purpose is to translate one of those groups into the new common 100-year computer format for the "brain" ESP32.
Like a local ESP32 cluster.

@ajroach42 Necro-toot reply, but...

I was very surprised recently when my dual PIII machine turned out to be _almost completely useless_ for the web. Firefox barely even started at all, much less loaded pages! Not very many years ago (like, inside five?), it was painful but not impossible.

I used that computer from 1998 until 2007 or so, upgrading drives and RAM.

But if we can embrace decentralization, and specifically embrace a more peer-to-peer relationships, and open standards for communication, we can ensure that every multi-decade computer can communicate with every other multi-decade computer.

The multi-decade web?

The peer-to-peer web.

A web independent of the internet.


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It's frustrating when a 10 year old computer can't get on facebook or watch 480p on youtube anymore, even thought it could five years ago.

The computer hasn't changed.

Facebook and youtube have become more complicated. They didn't need to, but they could get more complicated because the average computer got faster, and the average internet connection got faster over that time span.

So a computer that could do X lost it's ability to do X as a result of a third party.

That's frustrating.

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Further thoughts:

Chip-8 - - Chip 8 is a virtual machine from the 70s for making games and software portable. It's part of the reason your graphing calculator plays games.

The 100 year computer project ( that sent me careening back down this path has a lot in common with chip-8 (and the article mentions it by name.)

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This feels like a kind of rambling sidebar, but there's a point:

Most tasks that computers are used for on a daily basis could be completed on much less powerful hardware if there wasn't a profit incentive in the way.

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I can do about 80% of what I want to use a computer for with my 486 based, non-backlit, black and white HP Omnibook.

Add my newly refurbished and upgraded Palm Lifedrive, and I'm closer to 95%.

Let's run through those tasks:

- Listen to music (The palm is a 4GB CF card with a 2GB SD card, basically.)
- Watch movies (I have to encode them specially for the palm, but the lifedrive makes a great video iPod.)
- Read books (plucker is still pretty great)
- RSS (ditto above)

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An associated idea here is to make the import/export tools available for things other than BBSs.

I'd love to be able to read the feed of one of my accounts through an email client on DOS, and to reply over SMTP.

We'll see if it ever happens.

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I did some experimentation with bolting a python mastodon CLI on to mystic bbs and configuring a ... I think it was called a Tosser or a Thrower? I dunno, but configuring a program to bidirectionally sync mystic to the fediverse and visa versa.

It's basically possible to do this with off the shelf tools, and would only need a little glue.

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So the domain is

the idea is to build an activity pub compatible/aware piece of BBS software. Add some local only posting, some member to member email, a few door games, etc.

But, ultimately, it's an activity pub aware BBS.

We access it over telnet, we have optional actual dialup.

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Alright I've been sitting on a domain name for two years or more for a project I want to start but haven't started.

I'm going to discuss the idea behind the project, and it's current status, and what it would need to come to fruition, and see if there's anyone in the fediverse that would like to help me see this through.

I suspect I will nerdsnipe sundog with it, but we'll see.

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