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I feel okay, just foggy. The house is cool again now that the power is back on. I feel okay. I feel good even. just not doing brain stuff well.

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crab·​by | \ ˈkra-bē \
crabbier; crabbiest
easily irritated : peevish and irritable : grouchy


We fear that George was crabby today.
There's little, here, we need to say.
It was way too hot outside, you see,
So he hadn't been allowed to go out to play.

Just blocked an instance cause a dude decided to make pro-eugenics arguments in my DMs.

Hey y'all, population control is not good.

Alright, I got an FS-4 and an FS-100 and some extra 2.5" IDE cables and some extra (short) firewire cables.

I'm going to try the mod, I'll see if I can rig up better batteries (working on batteries is dangerous. Never use a soldering iron on a lion battery. It could explode. Spot weld or die) and see what this gets me.

I'll snag some extra CF cards one day this week to have spares.

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If I go with one of the Hard Drive style units, I can convert it to a CF card for like $15 in parts I probably already have in stock.

And if that's the route I go, I can just remove the CF card to access the data.

It looks like rebuilding the battery packs is easy (as far as battery packs go) too.

I found a source for some of these old boxes that puts them sub $100. They are various models in unknown working condition. I'm going to snag two, attempt the upgrade, and report back.

Instructions found here:

But if you've ever done a CF swap on an old IDE hard drive, you know the score.

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good morning.

I think the patents related to ieee.1394 have all expired as of late 2020.


So, I'm still exploring my options.

It seems like there's probably some kind of (active) adapter that takes a DV stream over firewire and converts it straight to HDMI or SDI or something digital.

It also seems like there's probably some better option for capturing the analog outputs than the dinky recording monitor I normally use (but, according to people who have spent a lot more time than I have in the pro video space, there isn't anything off the shelf.!)

I think I'm going to explore the analog side of this equation more, and see if I can build something robust enough to depend on.

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There are two problems.

1) it's apparently a little flakey. Not "you can't ever use this" bad, but "double check that it is still recording when you stop and restart the camera" flakey. It's not a deal breaker, just annoying. It would be less annoying if the thing had an actual monitor on it.

2) It was made for a single model of sony camera circa 2006, and only works if it still has the frequently lost and not commonly used adapter.

This is not a common piece of kit, it solves a super specific problem in a nearly perfect way that nothing else has ever done.

That means, you know, Expensive.

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So you stick the most common consumer video camera battery on one side, honk a CF card in the other side, run a single cable out of the camera, and you get real time capture of full digital, max quality footage out of your camera and in to your CF card.

I can use a big, modern, fast CF card. I can stick that in to a modern CF card reader and transfer those files around at significantly faster than real time, without having to re-encode or recapture them.

This should be the way.

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And then there's this tantalizing and infuriating thing.

It's called a Sony HVR-MRC1.

It was an adapter that went on the back of one specific Sony camcorder circa 2006 or so, and let it do CF card output instead of HDV output.

It had a second adapter that you could whack on to the back of it, instead of the camera that usually went there, that gave it a slot of an infolithium battery and a firewire port.

This is basically everything I want.

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The focus enhancements FireStore series do ... sort of ... solve my problem.

The record out of the firewire port to a hard drive.

But uhhh

The only way to get the video *out of the box* is real time firewire transfer (or, technically, I can remove the hard drive or whatever.)

That seems like a fuck.

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Looks like I should be able to find something called a Focus Enhancements FireStore FS-4 Portable Direct To Edit DTE Recorder

Or one of the several dozen products that competed with it. It's just a recorder, not a recording monitor.

So I gotta figure out how those work, and if I want one, and how much work it'll take to get a new CF card or SSD in to it, and if I can replace the battery and.... And which one I want.

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In other news!! A library of toys for kids: the Playbrary. First of its kind, membership is free, now in #Philly #philadelphia

So for using this miniDV camera, I was planning to bypass the DV tape entirely and record through the composite outs of the camera in to an external (standard definition) recording monitor.

DV cameras all have firewire outputs. That's digital out. It's digital video. I should be able to get that Fireiwre output in real time run in to an external recorder, right?

It occurs to me, though, that in the world of professional video, there has to be some kind of solution that hooks in to a Firewire port and outputs files to a filesystem of some sort.

Granted, it's probably some ridiculous format like Sony Memory Sticks or DVD RAM or P2.

But there has to be *something* that will take the digital video output of a DV camera over it's firewire port and turn it in to an actual video file in real time, right?

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I was aiming for us to do 1 new design for every day of July.

We didn't manage that, but we came pretty close.

23 original designs printed, I think. If you include different color schemes, and different combinations of front and back prints, we're closer to 50.

We have 15 or 20 more pieces ready to make screens, but it will be five or six days before I get another batch of blank screens.

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