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Work has been just kind of mind numbing bullshit, and this is barely any different, but it has a kind of interesting problem at it's root, and a lot of the mmind numbing bullshit is interesting tradeoffs between elements with which I am very familiar.

I haven't had this kind of Agency at work in a while.

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We're watching Doctor Who. I'm on the Second Doctor, on a cybermen serial.

It's beautiful, somehow. I've watched a lot of really ugly TV recently, and this isn't. It does not look like video, so I wonder if this episode was shot on film, or if PAL really just looked that much better than NTSC.

(Okay, so it's black and white and the 60s. It's not PAL, and it wouldn't have been NTSC, probably, but whatever.)

I've been working on some actually difficult problems at work, just having to actually stay On and Aware and Contributing all day.

Somehow this has left me feeling sharper in the evening as well

This is a refreshing change of pace.

It's so weird to see new users showing up with like ... AIM Screename style handles. Just like, a bunch of words and numbers.

And yeah, okay, I'm ajroach42 here because I'm ajroach42 everywhere, but I was ajr on Most instances are still small enough that you can still be something short and fun.

Just found a boingboing/jackhammer jill shirt, in my size, in a box full of my things.

I don't remember buying this, and I have no idea where it came from.

I also found, today on 11/23, a bunch of 11/22/87 broadcast interruption day stickers.

So I'm putting them everywhere.

gruesome little linux gizmos 

I cannot believe I'm messing around with the pocket chip again

It looks like metastream is new and fancy and does some of the same stuff. Anyone here have any experience with metastream?

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I also think I'm going to do a BS ML upscale on this video, just to say that I did.

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For the last 6 years or so, I have had a little holiday tradition of live streaming the Star Wars Holiday Special and having a little watch party.

We used to do this in Rabbit, before that shut down because of course it did.

This year, I think I'm going to install Sync and try and use that.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

Before you even consider donating more money to an already well-funded cis white men who's got a terrible track record when it comes to approving features that marginalized people have been asking for, maybe send that cash to marginalized folks who built community protection features like Marcia & Ginger, who are in much more precarious situations?

I haven't done enough makerspace posting.

Hi I'm Andrew. you might now me as or possibly or or lots of other places.

I run the Ellijay Makerspace. We're a makerspace in Ellijay, GA that specializes in Media Production, but can do a lot of other stuff.

We've got Television production, a full recording studio, toy making, video games, and lots of other stuff.

You may have noticed that I love cyberpunk. I love the hacker ethos, the DIY tactics. The idea that information should be free has always been a big deal to me, but it wasn't a huge deal until I got into cyberpunk.

I can't hack or code for shit, but I have so much respect for those who can. These six kilo kowboys are the "little person" standing up to corporate greed and oppression. Sure, there are bad actors, too, but a lot of them are goddamn heroes. #HackThePlanet

On Friday itchio is having a Creator Day sale where they’re giving creators 100% of what they make per sale. You can help out a couple of #indie #webcomic artists by getting our comics for 50% off! Details in this post:

Here is a picture of me wearing the scarf my grandmother knitted for me in the early 1980s, standing next to the TARDIS-shaped Little Free Library we pass on our walk. #doctorwho #doctorwhoday #tardis #littlefreelibrary

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