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[This is a thing I wrote back in 2019. It's sad, and deeply personal, and not at all about computers.

Content Warnings for 9/11, cancer, death, eating disorders, economic strife, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.]

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The writers’ strike has leaned hard into AI as an issue. There are valid reasons for them to worry, only some of them tech-related. For NEWART, here’s my take on a complex topic:

asking for help, boosts appreciated 

I don't have it as bad as most in #TransCrowdFund

I'm nonbinary, but AMAB and can kind of sort of pass if I ever had to go back in the closet.

But things are getting worse, and I'd like to have the means to get the hell out of Georgia if this "purple wave" proves to be short lived. And long term, I want to get out anyway.

Patreon and Ko-fi are my entire income: less than $100/month. That's not enough to even cover Uber or a rental car so I could get a job and start saving. I don't have anyone I can count on to get me to and from a job, so that's my option.

I make music, tell stories, and post talk-free playthroughs of games.

I also do music commissions.

Process and price list here:

Examples here:


I guess I don't have to vaguepost, it's not like I'm going to get fired. 🙃

I've been interviewing for a job with an interesting company in an interesting field. I got a verbal offer today. I expect I'll have to negotiate the title a bit, because I have a weird hangup about that, but otherwise it all went about as well as I could expect.

It's a paycut, but I've been pretty miserable at my dayjob so I don't mind much. It's work I am good at and care about and I'll be working with people (and in an industry) that I respect and can be proud of.

It won't be official until I sign the papers, and I'll work a long notice at my dayjob as a courtesy to my teammates (like, more than a month. Get them through the EoQ)

This should result in a 75% reduction in life stress, and a general increase in overall happiness. Hooray.

Just watched an episode of Space Patrol sell for $300+

Time has a way of flattening things, doesn't it.

moderately morbid metaphor 

tfw you find a parachute, but it has a body in it.

Bots that just continue posting their little things on the internet forever for no particular reason are great. There should be more of those.

As is, we can't upload new VOD content while we're live streaming (which means we'll have to start uploading VOD content in the wee small hours, as the stream is intended to be an 18-24 hour/day stream.)

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I'm posting links to the fediverse so I can see what that does to our CPU utilization. This is an informal load test.

Under previous configurations, federating a link to a video would DOS our instance for a few minutes.

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We're currently watching Moonbird, which you can also see here, if you'd like to catch it from the beginning:

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Our livestream appears to be in a stable state, and I'm not really mucking with it today (I'm mucking with Tomorrow's schedule.)

Currently timing myself #bookbinding to answer the question "Just how much time/work/labor of mine goes into a single book?".

So I'm just counting time spent actively doing something for the book, but not, like, drying time, time spent in the press, stuff like that. (I did count printing time, since I started folding in parallel to it.)

So far I'm at ~50 minutes, the book block is sewn and glued, but not yet trimmed, because obviously the glue has to set first. Also it's a flat back, so no rounding/backing. (It will be an A6, 196 page, dotgrid notebook when it's done.)

Gut-feeling is that I'm roughly half-done, time-wise, but we'll see.

bluesky snark 

Where have I seen this before...

Oh wait. Everywhere.

(Note: Muting this after posting. Your hot takes are too cold for me.)

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