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Still Andrew (I guess)

Who is your favorite figure in the music of the 1950s, in general?

Your favorite rock musician of the 50s? Jazz?

Do the personal lives of any of the artists of that era enter in to that decision?

I bought a big ol' stack of singles yesterday, so I'm spinning 45s while I'm working.

Each one is between 1 and 4 minutes long, with an average length of 2.5 minutes.

I'm using them as a kind of super condesned egg-timer method this morning.

Eventually, I'll have to move to the more traditional 20 minutes, which happens to be the length of most 33s!

Tired: Bluetooth headphones
Wired: Having a record player, and 1000+ LPs in your office .

Hey Mastodon, here is a quote that I needed and maybe you did too:

"WRITE IT BADLY. Write it badly, write it badly, write it badly, write it badly. Stop what you’re doing, open a Word document, put a pencil on some paper, just get the idea out of your head. Let it be good later. Write it down now. Otherwise it will die in there."

— Brandon Sanderson on overcoming writer’s block to create a first draft as a professional author

#writersofmastodon #writing

(It's a shame I don't get to keep the job I'm doing now, but I have ever confidence that I can find a better one.)

(My current internet situation is tethered via my cellphone. It works! Especially with my VPN, which is nice. but I don't have a super strong signal, so RDP'ing (which is a large portion of my job) isn't working super well.

That's okay, it's working well enough for a few days, and we'll have better internet by the time we move.)

What's up punks?

I'm sitting in my new living room, with the lights turned down low, watching the rain and the fog roll in over the hills as some deer drink out of a small stream in the distance.

I'm listening to The Racontuers, and drinking a cup of coffee.

I'm at work, technically. This is my new home office, or will be in a few months. Consider this a preview.

Life is, as they say, pretty good.

starting a new tab: if I can't figure out why google doesn't like being in it

(No image of the change your clock to DST today, as it was still the first Friday in April until 2006. Also, DST should go into the trash where it belongs.)

And to be clear, the multi-user plugin makes it so that multiple people can use the same tiddlywiki at the same time. That is it's entire purpose.

New avatar! My Patreon reward from @goattrain@birdsite for this month!


@ajroach42 @samis There's a VGA shield for Arduino on Tindie ( - the 86duino uses the same form factor, so it should be a plug-and-play kind of situation. At the very least, it proves you can get 256-color VGA out of those pins.

Best live album the stones ever released.

I got tired of all the comic mishaps at my old job and that's why I'm very interested in this position as the guy who works the crane that lifts grand pianos