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WipEout 2097.
PaRappa the Rapper.
Ape Escape.
Demolition Derby.
Colony Wars.

And since that Zine mostly relies on bash, I had to set up a server for the students running windows on their computers.

Which means I need to show them SSH and talk about astral projection.

I will not, as I traditionally do, be live-tooting my annual listen-through of the real reason for today's USian day off, Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" as we have a lot going on.

I will expect you each to sing loud with your rakes, shovels, and implements of destruction.



When you're done listening to Alice's restaurant, may I suggest Tracey Chapman?

This website doesn't allow simultanious downloading, so I have to keep tabbing back over to press the next button, instead of just playing video games while I wait for the queue to finish.

My kingdom for a decent download manager integrated in to my browser.

I should have time to add 2 - 3 PS1 games to the collection, and I found a decent source that lets me download single games.

If you were going to a holiday party where it was understood and expected that you'd entertain the 14, 12, and 9 year old kids, which ps1 games would you bring?

Download speeds from the coffee shop are so much faster than at home.

I just went from 2 hours remaining to 1.2 minutes remaining.

What's the preferred method for ROM hunters these days? Especially those looking for PS1?

I know a bunch of the old guard got sued pretty hard, and a bunch of stuff moved peer to peer.

@ajroach42 I loved Gods by the Byte Brothers. It was originally on Amiga, but there's a very faithful MS-DOS port that might be easier to get running.

And one of my favorite MS-DOS games, Helious:

I loved this weirdo game, but I don't think it made it all that big, even though there's a sequel. Read the README before you play.

Another of my faves is Card Fighters Clash, which was on the Neo-Geo Pocket Color.

In preparation for spending tomorrow with my wife's family, I'm downloading some video games.

Specifically ps1 and older games to run on various pieces of hardware.

Suggest me a game or two I might not have played? Especially those for consoles or computers that weren't made by Sony or Nintendo.

Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) 

Also, I need more of that "Bea Arthur calling everyone 'friend' in song with varying degrees of sincerity while locking up her low-key antifascist-coded bar to alien bassoon music" energy in my life

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Sometimes, something approaching justice does exist. It is good to remember this.

Feeling physically exhausted, but reasonably accomplished. Gonna sip some coffee and listen to some music and collect myself for the psychic onslaught that tomorrow is sure to be.

Watching WCW 1996 

The title just changed hands in the opening match of a weekly broadcast.


That's not how Wrestling is supposed to work, but I'm not going to complain.

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Watching WCW 1996 

Oh, there not just sticking a savage/flair title match on a weekday, OTA broadcast, they're Opening with a Flair/Savage title match on a Monday night.

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Watching WCW 1996 

WCW was just so damn Extra, you know? It felt like it was worth watching Every Time.

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