Hey folks! You may have seen this already, but I've fixed the link, and I'd still like some help/feedback on the thing.

I'm (still) building an open source platform for hosting web comics. I want it to be safe and usable by as many folks as possible, out of the box. But before I get too far into a rabbit hole of difficult-to-change design, I want to ensure I consider all the options users would actually appreciate in a community platform like this will be.


@danhunsaker I literally made one of the biggest platforms for webcomics (in spanish) a few years ago
I may be able to help after the nightmare season


I've been thinking of making some form of serialized IRC logs. I still need to write a program to take my logs and turn them into comics, Jerkcity-style. What I'd like whatever software I use to be able to target unreleased strips for both a specific date and also to target them for a specific future episode number.

The workflow I'd envision is running a weekly script on my local machine to generate 20 candidates and then uploading them with their dialogue to the queue. Once queued, I'd review them to pull out any that have personal information or are downright unfunny.

@portpupper Future date (scheduled posting) is already planned (along with support for things like giving certain users early access), and volume/issue/strip numbers are already entirely decided by the creator (and things are sorted by number, not publication date), so I think I have both of your requirements planned?

Oh, and the dialogue. That's my favorite part - you can toss that in under the strip, or as alt-text for the image - or even both, though screen readers might not like that.

@danhunsaker I'd love to take a better look at it later, but for now I only had time for a cursory glance. One thing I'd immediately remark though is that if you want to be more of a plug-and-play experience, I think you need much more documentation. Annoying comment I know, but I do think that's a huge part of the usability of software.

@secretlySamantha Can't document what doesn't yet exist, but I'll be sure to do that, too!


Please consider keyboard options for simple navigation between pages of a comic volume.

Left and Right arrows are my choice.

Do not limit forward and back options to clickable buttons above and below the comic page.


Keyboard nav is definitely on the list of things I'm going to insist on having. :)

The ability to upload multiple images for a single update.

@danhunsaker Comicfury recently rolled out the ability to upload multiple pages for an update. So instead of being limited to 1 image per update, you can upload up to 12 per update.

@arborwin Ah, I see what you mean by "update", now. I'll have to see what I can do.

mmh noice, I guess Antoine Latour would be interested.
he built his comic and website by himself. I am not sure if he made it multi lang, but I remember something about that.

his comic is awesome too :

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