Before I wander back to bed for a nap, I wanted to quickly repost this for the folks who weren't around when I posted it last:

Still building an open source platform for hosting web comics. I want it to be safe and usable by as many folks as possible, out of the box. But I want to ensure I consider all the options users would actually appreciate in a community platform like this will be.

Feel free to drop thoughts in replies to

@danhunsaker is this self hosted? Any sort of federation/crosstalk?


It's self-hosted, yes.

I haven't considered federation, yet, but that's probably a better option than just cross-posting to Masto-et-al.

@danhunsaker MIT-licensed? Sweet! :pawx80_tup:

(I don't know the first thing about webcomics, just dropping by to say that.)

@danhunsaker oh man, yes please. Anything to break dependence on WordPress would be a dream. Federation and RSS support would be awesome too! My main issue is usually around themeing sites (I'm not great at webcoding)

@fefe RSS is planned. Federation is something I'm thinking about, since I'm not sure what that would actually look like. But mostly it's _not_ WP (I'm not a fan either!)

Not sure how great the theme making/configuring support will be at first... Gotta get some graphic designers in on this at some point.

At the very least, though, it _does_ support both dark and light color schemes, switchable by the user, for whatever theme is in use.

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