PSA and reminder:

The terms "blacklist" and "whitelist" are racially charged. Please use "blocklist" and "allowlist" instead.

Yes, the terms are old. Yes they're not directly based on race. But they _are_ based in the systemic idea that "white == good; black == bad". Just because something is traditional doesn't mean it's acceptable.

It took me a while to see just how insidious little things like this are, too. It's ok to take some time to understand. Just please switch terms while you do.


Still a few responses trickling in, but now that nearly all of them are variations of "shut up, you're wrong", I'm gonna post a link and go back to working on my own projects for a while. I strongly encourage everyone, on every side of this "debate", to read it through, and actively consider the lived reality of those involved.

What you do from there is your business.

@danhunsaker The people that say "shut up, you're wrong" are often the ones most insulated from modern day racism. Yes, they are technically right in that "blacklist" isn't inherently racist. But it is weaponizable by racists. I can think of 1 example from my Uni days where a bunch of whites put together a "blacklist" of people they didn't want at a party. It was a pun b/c it was a list of black people. And they used that humor to defuse any resistance others had as a reaction to their racism.

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