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#ShutAmericaDown @freakazoid

"At the very least, it is likely to limit the places where users can participate, because that will price out tons of services. It takes the internet far, far away from its core as a communications platform and moves it more and more towards one that is broadcast only."

Focused interests nearly always win out over dispersed ones. And all the focused interests want the Internet to be a broadcast medium where only the biggest players get to broadcast.


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The same thing happened with personal computing. The PC used to be a tool people (the limited number of people who had them) used to write and share programs, and then "desktop publishing" became the killer app, which is inherently democratizing. Now they're becoming just a way to consume media, with the iPad being the pinnacle of this diseased development path.

I could be looking at this too pessimistically, though. When a much larger fraction of PC owners were programmers, they weren't useful for much else, so perhaps this is just a symptom of their becoming more accessible. But even if this is true, I think there has been a general bias in favor of PCs being for pure consumption that goes well beyond what "consumers" would have actually wanted at each step.

Personal computing should continue to push people to create.