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#China allegedly stepping up their #BGP hijacking game since the 2015 #Obama #Xi agreement to stop #military #hacking operations. The traffic routing station located in the US being a major part of the plan by China Telecom #infosec #privacy #security

@aussierockman I really hope we can come to some real agreement to stop pulling this shit rather than just kicking them out and stepping up tensions even further.

@freakazoid it's a difficult proposition as China want to become the world's #1 for everything and the US want to stay on the top perch but they're in a relationship where they need each other. So it's a "we need you but we don't like you"

Federated Republic of Sean @freakazoid

@aussierockman This is why the potential for a trade war terrifies me. If trade between us collapses, war becomes far more likely.

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