This is a public service announcement: by saying "IT is crap because users still buy it" you are effectively blaming the victim.

There is a huge information and resources asymmetry between large companies creating software and hardware, and regular person who just wants their Internet-connected device to, you know, not do harm. Companies effectively made a business model out of that asymmetry.

We need education and regulation to make IT not crap.

@rysiek I don't really understand why there's next to no liability for this sort of thing. Intuitively it seems like that should be the default, no regulation required. If you collect my data and leak it, you need to pay me for that. Even if you just counted the hours of people's time needed to put freezes on their credit, that's a HUGE amount of money. The fact that we're not seeing that seems to be a fundamental failing of the government to provide table stakes protections.


@rysiek In fact, a lot of industries couldn't even really get going until the government came in and provided indemnities for the liability they had by default. Why is it the opposite in IT-land?

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