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I feel like we're having this conversation all the time, but what's the least broken non-webkit browser other than FF?

@ajroach42 @StephenLB It's not so much browsers that are broken as the web. If you stick to sites that work well in w3m, you're sticking to the least broken parts of the web, which makes w3m the (least broken web) browser vs the (least broken) (web browser).

That's more or less the ideal I'm reaching for. I was hoping for a graphical browser, but w3m does have image support iirc.

Federated Republic of Sean @freakazoid

@ajroach42 Last I checked it did, though IIRC it relies on an xterm extension and X11, and I have no idea if it works properly over ssh, even with forwarded X.

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Links and netsurf can do images over x or framebuffer, but netsurf is ... Quirky and I think that links didn't render html as well as w3m last time I compared them

I'll try them both and see if either can make it for what I'm trying to do.