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" Ted Ts'o, instead, explained why the affected pages are marked clean after an I/O error occurs; in short, the most common cause of I/O errors, by far, is a user pulling out a USB drive at the wrong time. If some process was copying a lot of data to that drive, the result will be an accumulation of dirty pages in memory, perhaps to the point that the system as a whole runs out of memory for anything else."

IOW Linux developers compromised kernel behavior for a DESKTOP use case.

Seriously, who the fuck cares if someone's computer crashes if they're dumb enough to pull out a USB drive while data is being written to it? You're seriously causing people's databases to lose data for that?

Fuck you, Linux.

From now on I'm going to refer to Linux as "a desktop operating system that nobody uses on desktops and a lot of people are dumb enough to use on servers."

Federated Republic of Sean @freakazoid

(Including myself, but maybe it's time for that to change.)

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