I always thought it would be the US that passed something like the #CopyrightDirective to kill the internet as we know it.


@jerry Maybe Article 13 is just another attempt at attacking Google that just happens to kill the Internet as collateral damage? The EU really seems to hate Google.

@freakazoid they really do. And Facebook. But i am ok with FB dying

@jerry I'm OK with them both dying, but my concern is the willingness of legislators to throw out rule of law and cause massive collateral damage just to attack individual companies while the people cheer them on.

@jerry It'd be one thing if the US was subsidizing Google and FB in some way, but I haven't heard anyone making that claim. Nor have I seen much counterevidence to the claim by some Americans that the reason Google, FB, and Apple are American and not European is that Europe's laws stifle innovation.

'member the special Windows editions for Europe that had you pick a browser, because IE couldn't be pre-bundled?

Google appears to be voluntarily doing something similar to ease up on the fines marketwatch.com/story/google-o

@r000t @jerry I'm guessing it will be similarly effective at ending Google's monopoly.

Meanwhile, they're still paying Apple over a billion dollars to use Google as their default search engine.

@freakazoid @r000t kind of makes sense. MS isn’t going to pay $3B to get Bing in iOS, and DuckDuckGo will never see $3B.

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