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Federated Republic of Sean @freakazoid

Linux really needs to solve its Linus problem.

@freakazoid wasn't he supposedly taking care of that problem himself

@bug Haha well this was a reaction to Linus saying "Chromebooks and Android are the path towards the desktop".

@freakazoid the waiting in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin part or the dragging around a dirty blanket?

Instead of companies like Purism who are building hardware that actually runs Linux rather than burying it behind proprietary junk, Linus points to Google as the way forward for the Linux desktop?

This person is not our friend.

@freakazoid Just because he doesn't have the same values you have, doesn't mean you can't cooperate.

Maybe not every human wants to have software freedom, to really control their computing? I don't know, but it's possible.

Maybe running ChromeOS is better suits some people's needs than both Windows and, eg. Debian?

Still, all these operating systems need a reliable kernel with drivers for all kinds of hardware, and I see no reason not to have common kernel for all of them.

And the nice thing about Linus is that he's strongly against hardcoding policy in the kernel. The kernel only provides a mechanism. How the mechanism is used is up to upserspace, which in practice means it's up to a particular distro.

This is why multiple distros with opposite opinions can coexist and built on top of the same kernel.

@Wolf480pl There is no such thing as "cooperation" with Linus. He doesn't listen to people.

It's not really a "common kernel" because of the amount of influence companies like Google exert. Linux is a kernel for servers, Android, and Chromebooks. All other personal computing uses are second class citizens; we get the leftovers.

@freakazoid do you have a good example of a feature implemented because of servers, Android, and chromebooks that harms desktop?

I thought Linus had been forced into a climb-down over the whole 'code of conduct' affair?

He did make somewhat conciliatory remarks(albeit from a position of considerable power).

@dublinux No, he just took a break and stepped back a little. Is there evidence that others who aren't being paid by corps who want to kill or control Linux are able to make significant decisions now?

@freakazoid I don't know what goes on there or who has 'clout' in kernel land. Apart from what I occasionally read online.

@dublinux The main thing I know is that you have the creator, who is still a very influential figure in the community, who is getting paid by a company that makes multiple proprietary derivatives, plugging those proprietary derivatives.

I don't think one needs evidence of specific kernel dev decisions clearly made in their favor and against other uses to cry foul. Trust is a HUGE factor in maintaining a healthy community.

@dublinux I also don't "just" want Linux on the desktop. I want a FLOSS desktop. Linus has said he's "fine" with DRM, which could obviously be a big help with getting our corporate masters to allow us to have Linux on the desktop. And we know Google develops DRM and won't support its use in FLOSS projects. So, for Linus, Linux on the desktop means ONLY Linux, not FLOSS generally. Who gives a shit about that aside from someone like him whose livelihood comes from exactly that?

@freakazoid He has certainly made disparaging remarks about the Free Software Movement people even though he has also said GPLing the kernel was one of the best things he ever did.
Surely though since anyone can take the kernel and make their own distro(Guix or whatever) then it doesn't matter too much if Linus only cares about Linux or does it not play out that way in reality?

@dublinux I'm pretty sure he thinks GPLing the kernel was good because it keeps him in the loop. It also means companies weren't able to do what Apple did to BSD and fork while only giving back what they felt like and pulling in whatever else they wanted, so a bit of a win for free software too. Though it's telling that he keeps it under GPLv2 *only* and not v3 or v2 "or later" to prevent an AGPL fork.

@freakazoid @dublinux I think a lot of the views of Linus are actually the views of the Linux Foundation. Something to consider is that if Linus had different publicly expressed views would the foundation continue to pay his salary?