I have #Python 3.7 built on the #VAX finally after some manipulation of their tests.

The Python core devs, however, won't fix a bug that would make this simple and easy. The unwillingness of the #Python core dev community to support platforms outside Win/Mac/Linux (or non-gcc/clang/vcc compilers) is one reason I want nothing to do with core Python contributions any longer.

See bugs.python.org/issue27444

You know who did fix this upstream? Perl devs... Perl works like a dream on a VAX.


@jba I don't think it's unreasonable that they only want to support IEEE 754 hardware. I suspect that there are a lot more bugs that would show up from code assuming IEEE 754. Perl's been running on such platforms since the early days IIRC.

@freakazoid @jba that viewpoint assumes there will only ever be IEEE-754 floating point math forever. I understand, but it is also just one more example of CPython not being portable.

@jba Indeed it's not, at least not in the way software used to be. Very little modern software of any complexity is, unfortunately.

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