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The worst mistake I've made so far in raising my kids was exposing them to YouTube. I'm not being hyperbolic.

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@hansbauer Even the videos that aren't trying to sell a product through violent images (Nerf) have this high-stimulus frenetic aspect about them that can't possibly be good for kids' brains. It's hard to believe this exists in the same universe with Mr. Rogers, which I now can't get my kids to watch because he doesn't talk fast enough.

@hansbauer It's like we're instilling our always-be-closing adult bullshit on them almost from the moment their eyes are capable of distinguishing blobs of color.

yep... i don't really know how it is still acceptable this low level psychological and even neurological manipulation used in marketing. this is gone wrong a long time ago and i see no widespread campaigns to make people aware of what is going on. fucking up with the reward mechanism, attention spam, self image etc, of kids and adults for the sake of selling something or pushing an agenda is something highly damaging for everyone.

@hansbauer It was becoming a parent that made me realize just how valuable my attention was, between not having much free time anymore and having my children always vying for my attention. I don't know how to solve it aside from a cultural shift toward valuing our own attention. A good first step might be to start getting people to put their phones away and talk to one another. And read books.

it all boils down to mental hygiene. that is the much needed skill for us to come out of the whole mess we were put in.

@hansbauer Not having a SIM card in my phone has been extremely helpful for helping me maintain this at least when I'm away from wifi. And I find myself more able to avoid being "connected" even when I have wifi, because I forget. Having this account as my primary distraction also helps a lot, since I've worked hard to keep it high-quality.

that's good. i try to keep distance of my phone as much as possible too. what i find helpful too, is when you are with somebody or in an event (even if it is a coffee break at work) to try to engage in real talk with people, not small talk, to try to make interactions more meaningful and a kind of special moment. after some time doing that, i was asking myself: why i forgot how this was, and why some people seem incapable of it.

@hansbauer @freakazoid ime using dumfones helps discourage others from interacting with you in trivial ways too often. it also makes otherwise higher quality individuals more uncomfortable to use their phone in front of you (at least in settings with <4 people), especially when they see you're giving them your undivided attention rather than escaping the interaction with a smutfone of your own.

absolutely true! it is curious to observe how people react to it, how it reveals how respectful someone is in relation to your time or attention.

@awg @hansbauer @freakazoid >undivided attention
Come, winged one let me tell you about the horror of youth humanity
>In a room with 2 others (under 30 years old) waiting for a third person to arrive
>General small talk begins
>Small talk naturally dies out
>Other 2 people take out their memephones
>You stare both of them in the eye without saying anything
>They don't notice (or pretend to not notice)

>In a room with 2 others (over 50 years old) waiting for a third person to arrive
>General small talk begins
>Small talk dies out
>One of them starts to tell a story after being reminded of it during small talk
>3rd person arrives mid-story
>Meeting delayed to hear the rest of the story
@awg @freakazoid @hansbauer Considering what it means to be in touch, hands off is a good approach.