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Jeff Greason: A New Class of Drive: Using the Dynamic Pressure of Passage Through Inteplanetary or Interstellar Plasma to Expel Reaction Mass at High Velocity

Federated Republic of Sean @freakazoid

Hints of a way forward: Plasma Magnet & E-sail: space is NOT empty (to a potentially useful degree)

Plasma magnet offers ~10^6 ratio of drag power to excitation power. But... how to slow down at destination?

Paraphrasing: While I was at X-Cor, about every 6 months I'd pull this out and think about it.

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Need to think about the fundamental physics of propulsion.

Most all propulsion involves using some energy to push on some thing.

1. Propellers, ramjets, cars, etc: internal energy used to push externally-supplied reaction mass. Governed by "propeller equations": power = thrust * airspeed, thrust = Mdot * delta-airspeed.