The US government is still trying to argue that there is no Constitutional right to a stable climate. But the Constitution itself says it does not enumerate all rights. Another source of rights is common sense. And not making the planet unlivable is about as common sense as it gets.

Also: the government that fails to protect fundamental rights is no government; it's just another gang with no legitimate claim to anything. Destroy it at will.

'The Supreme Court’s ...noted the government’s assertion that the “suit is based on an assortment of unprecedented legal theories, such as a substantive due process right to certain climate conditions, and an equal protection right to live in the same climate as enjoyed by prior generations.”'

It's not a right to specific climate conditions or to live in the same climate previous generations did. It's a right not to have people fuck up the climate.

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I don't have a right to two arms. What I do have is a right to be protected from having my arm arbitrarily cut off. Just like current and future generations have a right not to have unknown and possibly catastrophic changes in climate pushed onto them just to make certain oligarchs richer.

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@freakazoid But the US is not enough to stop climate change either way. Plus, the earth itself does not guarantee a stable climate.

And no. I don't want to debate climate change.

@masterofthetiger If you don't want to debate climate change then don't respond to my threads about it.

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