Rewriting a document rendering Makefile with Nix, and I'm again struck by how good it is. Need Pandoc and TexLive? Specific fonts? Post-processing tools? Spell checkers? You got it. It's all there, unified in Nix with an actual programming language.

@freakazoid @owi far more software (~40k packages) than Guix (~7k packages). Is more up-to-date (unstable 20% outdated, 80% newest) than guix (33% outdated, 67% newest). Source:

@tokudan @owi Ok that sounds like a good reason, though the up-to-dateness of the packages isn't as big a concern to me as stability. Any idea about ease of making packages? If it's not hard to make them, then the actual number doesn't matter so much.


@tokudan @owi Looks like it's at least as easy as Arch packages, with a much cleaner way to express more complex configs. Nice! I'll have to dig through the Guix packages to compare.

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