Neat form of culture jamming! If Hackers came out today, here's a plausible way to totally fuck up traffic in NY.

"99 second hand smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jam in Google Maps"

#googlemapshack #hacktheplanet

@djsundog I wonder if Google is already excluding non-attestable (i.e. potentially rooted or being emulated) phones from traffic computation in order to avoid the software-only version of this attack?

If not, we can force them to by engaging in said attack, then we can convince everyone to unlock their bootloader and root their phones so they no longer have any data they can rely on.

@djsundog Unfortunately if people gave enough of a shit about Google's evilness to actually do it, Google would probably suck less. But maybe we can find something sufficiently interesting to convince people to root their phones for some other reason.

@freakazoid @djsundog

The only way to beat them is to poison the data like this.

@thegibson @freakazoid @djsundog

Yeah, I generally tend to feel that poisoning the data is the only real way to stop them (short of strong, punative legislation).

Obviously, I love stuff like this that can really mess with their data. Obviously there are ways for them to filter out stuff like this, but the higher the noise floor, the more costly the signal processing. Eventually, it would reach a point where it wasn't worth their time.


@thegibson @jeffalyanak @djsundog Surveillance capitalists' greatest asset is apathy. The vast majority will sacrifice every last scrap of privacy for even the slightest convenience, as long as it's not visible to them. It's almost like most are unable to recognize privacy violations if there is not literally a pair of eyes looking at them. Which makes sense because it was the main way privacy was violated for the first 99.9% of human existence.

@freakazoid @TheGibson @jeffalyanak @djsundog Undeniably true. What's sad to me is that they COULD choose to be straight up about it, and actually work to make people aware of the trade-offs they're making. Because she's married to me, my lovely wife knows full well how much of her life she's giving over to GOOG by using Waze ever day, but it saves her a good 2-3 hours a week in commute time, so who can blame her? Certainly not I.

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