@feonixrift we’ve become to accustom to continuous internet connection that it’s easy to forget just how powerful and resource thrifty asynchronous communication systems are.

Things like autonomous mesh networks become trivial to build when they only need to support asynchronous applications.

@requiem reminds me of the old days of store-and-forward BBS messaging networks.. Wildnet.. Fidonet.. etc. I was a tween marooned in American Siberia, but I could talk to kids in London on a volunteer-run network. Round trip time was around 5 days at that time (~1990). @feonixrift


@deutrino @requiem @feonixrift I remember when email could take as long to get there as "snail mail" over UUCP and FidoNet links that only dialed during off-peak hours.

Store-and-forward is also facilitated by the ephemeral nature of the messages. People are much more willing to hang onto others' messages when it's for a limited time.

Authenticated encryption also makes it possible to do this securely.

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