wow: #curl is moving to a RustTLS backend – initially opt-in, but the plan is to make it the default eventually.

I did *not* see that coming. I thought we might one day get a #rust alternative to curl, but curl itself embracing Rust is quite the vote of confidence.

(imo, more meaningful that FAANG's recent/continuing rust love)

@codesections I just hope it won't preclude maintaining all the ports to niche OSes that don't have Rust support…


@mmu_man @codesections Since Rust uses LLVM as its backend, are there any platforms Curl targets that Rust can't?

@freakazoid @codesections all M68K OSes at least (for now, support is getting upstreamed, but 68k support doesn't mean support for each and every OS and their executable format and ABI)…

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