Something about capitalism that particularly grinds my gears is when corporations make threats to their business model illegal through shit like DRM and anti-piracy laws, halting egalitarian technological progress through the coercive force of the state.

We could all have full control of the technology we're sold and the information we have, for sharing, repairing and improving, with our current technology. The law and the interests of those in power are holding us back as much as old monarchs who tried banning the printing press for undermining their stranglehold on knowledge.

We could live in a world where technology serves us and not someone in a position of power, and where knowledge is freely available to everyone regardless of status, but capitalism, the state, and hierarchical debt arrangements which depend on coercion hold us back.

So fuck this shit, become a pirate and practice radical mutual aid with your favorite and most needful creators supporting them directly.

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If people just wait for the next DRM, the next antipiracy crackdown, etc instead of taking a social analysis with a stated ideal position and seeking it, then we're always on the back-foot trying to regather support for every slightly rehashed attack on autonomy. It is reactionary, and for every step forward there are two steps back. Take a position with a stated end goal and a way to identify threats to autonomy within an ideological framework before they have a chance to take hold, and we begin to have real power.

I want a society which doesn't embed social hierarchies in the operation of machines and seeks an egalitarian universal right to information for all. Not just another fight against new DRM laws.

@thufie Even ignoring the lobbying, the current proprietary model of hardware and software development creates complete garbage. Nothing interoperates with anything else, even the company's own products from a couple years previous if not less, so you end up with planned obsolescence. Because there's no common base on which to build IoT software everyone writes their own and naturally it's full of security holes. Everything that's wrong with technology comes from this model.

@thufie I strongly believe even creative works would be far better if people just kept building on one another's work. The SCP universe ( is a good example of what's possible.

@freakazoid yeah I wish there was fanfiction of scifi classics the same way we have fanfics for video games/shows/movies.


@thufie BTW, if you've never read The Time Ships, which Wells's family has blessed as the official sequel, it's excellent.

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