@freakazoid the back of that board is incredible, like Literate Programming for PCB design

@paoloredaelli As in available for consumer purchase, or even as used in commercial e-readers?

@freakazoid commercial e-readers have good displays. I wrote about it last year monodes.com/predaelli/2020/02/ the best e-ink paper display Joe could find has a resolution of 400x300 from AdaFruit (see adafruit.com/category/150 )

Wish there was an ATOM/RSS feed to subscribe...

@freakazoid @Jo ive wanted one for a while but the assembly looks very hard!!!

@Jo @bnys I've been planning on building a hot plate for surface mount. I have a couple surface mount projects waiting already so I guess I should get off my ass and do it. Or just buy a reflow oven. There's like ONE that's affordable but it requires modification to be usable.

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