I see the Raspberry Pi Pico is continuing the Raspberry Pi tradition by being a "$4 board" that actually costs $8+.

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@cinebox It just irritates me when companies deliberately underprice products. It's just a handout to retailers who mark them up, forcibly bundle them with shit you don't want, etc.

At least it's not as bad as the situation with game consoles. The result with those ended up being that I just stopped trying to buy game consoles.

@freakazoid sparkfun is reselling them for $4 they just donโ€™t have any in stock

@cinebox And they just go to show how being "good" ends up getting you punished. They don't have it in stock, so people buy it elsewhere. And because they don't have Amazon's scale, they can't ship small purchases for free anyway, so people often end up buying the rest of the stuff they want at the retailer that has the Pico in stock, or from other Amazon sellers.

@cinebox In any case, Iโ€™m thrilled thereโ€™s finally a <$10 device that runs Micropython. Iโ€™m comfortable with even bare microcontrollers with no bootloader, but it adds just enough friction to prototyping and experimenting that I end up doing a lot less than I otherwise would. The TinyPico is great, but itโ€™s too expensive if you donโ€™t need WiFi.

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