@thegibson that's disappointing. My pitch when I am trying to get people to join is "it's social media, but without the Nazis" so it sucks to have to amend that with "except don't join the most popular instance because it has Nazis and is also defederated from everyone else. Oh, 'defederated'? That's when..."

@rgegriff @thegibson I recall someone suggesting that we recommend specific instances to people instead of just recommending "the Fediverse". If you give them a decent instance or ten then you can avoid those amendments.

@rgegriff @thegibson "A bunch of friends of mine got together and made a social network that's now got millions of people on it. You're welcome to join one of their servers. Don't worry, the servers talk to each other."

@freakazoid @thegibson that's a good approach! Servers is better I think than "instance" for more people. Or, maybe only for people who played an online game between like 1998 and 2011.

@freakazoid @thegibson "social media service provider"? " smead slinger"?

But it's still lamentable that there isn't one, relatively trustworthy provider you can point people to as an entrypoint like with email.

I might just tell someone to get a gmail address to have something; then they can decide if there isn't a better option they are more into. They could even decide to self host if they are a particular type of crazy.


@rgegriff @thegibson I still have "jointhefediverse.org" and will gladly donate it for the purpose of building a human-maintained list of Nazi-free instances.

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