@thegibson @rgegriff I'd do it myself except that I haven't had the energy/motivation to make progress on much of anything lately, and it seems like making commitments to others makes it even worse. I'd probably need a partner who would say "hey let's jump on a call and bang this thing out".

@ajroach42 @freakazoid @thegibson

I kinda wish there could just be like a four month global holiday when we are finally as safe as we're ever gonna get from this pandemic where everyone just takes some time to sort some shit out.

Global Reset "Day" Oct 1 - Jan 31, year TBD


@rgegriff @ajroach42 @thegibson Heh, for certain types of "sorting out" that could have been the pandemic itself. We could have shut down the whole economy for a few weeks and dramatically cut the number of infections and deaths. Then when everyone was vaccinated we could have a huge party.

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@freakazoid @ajroach42 @thegibson Damn, I had repressed that idea, but yep. God forbid we turn the money engine off for a bit.

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