What (preferably libre) software would you recommend for creating a starship soundscape out of mostly synthetic components? I.e pink noise, brown/red noise, etc. There are plenty of noise generators out there, but I need to be able to mix multiple sources and apply multiple filter stages.

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Recommendations for LV2 (etc) host software and plugins are also welcome. Or good sources for learning Pure Data.

I've made some progress with Pure Data (Pd) by following . I've been able to output various forms of filtered noise, including pink noise. I've also managed to make a spectrum analyzer using rfft~ and tabwrite~.

Now to try making a generic noise source with an interface similar to the "Noise Gen" iOS app.

Making a starship soundscape 

It finally occurred to me to search for the word "soundscape" and I found which looks pretty interesting. It appears to be primarily directed at simulating sound transmission and reflection in rooms and open air, though, not through structures.

Physically-based simulation is tempting, but it's also horrendously complex. I think "physically-inspired" is the best I can hope for.

Making a starship soundscape 

So far the best I've been able to come up with is a combination of brown and pink noise fed through a resonant bandpass filter with its peak at 7 Hz. I am still not super happy with it, though, because while it does give a nice booming feeling, the booming is completely random, when it seems like it should be periodic. I have no idea how to create a throbbing hum, though.

I can't seem to figure out how to upload a sample, otherwise I would.

Making a starship soundscape 

Clearly the answer has to do with controlling or modulating oscillators, filters, and/or noise sources with other oscillators. The problem is that there are an infinite number of possible combinations, and I don't know enough about audio engineering to guide my search yet. I guess I'm just going to have to experiment. Fortunately, I'm starting to really get the hang of Pure Data.

@freakazoid Not a recommendation, but if you're looking for a nice overview about what is out there, check out

@pingviini Thanks! Lots of great stuff there! One of the problem I've been having is that there's a huge number of choices, and the ones that are flexible enough to do what I want also have a learning curve, so I've been trying to figure out which to dive into.

@freakazoid you might have some good success with either LMMS or Ardour. Both are quite good, though Ardour is more versatile and more complicated.

@sean Thanks! They both look like they can probably do what I want. The challenge I'm running into is that with anything oriented toward music production there's an interface language I'm having a lot of trouble wrapping my brain around. I seem to be able to understand the programming-oriented ones (Pd, ChucK) more easily.

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