What (preferably libre) software would you recommend for creating a starship soundscape out of mostly synthetic components? I.e pink noise, brown/red noise, etc. There are plenty of noise generators out there, but I need to be able to mix multiple sources and apply multiple filter stages.


Recommendations for LV2 (etc) host software and plugins are also welcome. Or good sources for learning Pure Data.

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I've made some progress with Pure Data (Pd) by following pd-tutorial.com/english/ . I've been able to output various forms of filtered noise, including pink noise. I've also managed to make a spectrum analyzer using rfft~ and tabwrite~.

Now to try making a generic noise source with an interface similar to the "Noise Gen" iOS app.

Making a starship soundscape 

It finally occurred to me to search for the word "soundscape" and I found spatialaudio.net/ssr/ which looks pretty interesting. It appears to be primarily directed at simulating sound transmission and reflection in rooms and open air, though, not through structures.

Physically-based simulation is tempting, but it's also horrendously complex. I think "physically-inspired" is the best I can hope for.

Making a starship soundscape 

So far the best I've been able to come up with is a combination of brown and pink noise fed through a resonant bandpass filter with its peak at 7 Hz. I am still not super happy with it, though, because while it does give a nice booming feeling, the booming is completely random, when it seems like it should be periodic. I have no idea how to create a throbbing hum, though.

I can't seem to figure out how to upload a sample, otherwise I would.

Making a starship soundscape 

Clearly the answer has to do with controlling or modulating oscillators, filters, and/or noise sources with other oscillators. The problem is that there are an infinite number of possible combinations, and I don't know enough about audio engineering to guide my search yet. I guess I'm just going to have to experiment. Fortunately, I'm starting to really get the hang of Pure Data.

@freakazoid Not a recommendation, but if you're looking for a nice overview about what is out there, check out https://libreav.org

@pingviini Thanks! Lots of great stuff there! One of the problem I've been having is that there's a huge number of choices, and the ones that are flexible enough to do what I want also have a learning curve, so I've been trying to figure out which to dive into.

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