@jens @chuck I think it's also very different between software that's running on your own infrastructure and software that's going to be downloaded onto a device. When it's easy to release updates, the potential for accidentally incorporating a bug in a dependency isn't a big deal compared to the advantages for testing and not having to version your dependencies.

Google uses a "build horizon" instead of versions: anything running in prod must have been built within the past 3 months.

@jens @chuck When they have bugs that require updating stuff, they flag the range of changelists (commits, but completely linear because Perforce) that has the bug and force a rebuild of anything that was built between those commits.


@jens @chuck I actually have a client who ended up paying a fairly big price for splitting up their monorepo and would have been far better off just doing the work to deal with the problems they'd been having with it that led them to split it up in the first place. They still haven't solved dependency versioning.

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