We need a better name for open source software that reflects its true nature as charity to corporations.

@juliobiason I'm thinking something more along the lines of FLFC, "Free Labor For Corporations".

Well @freakazoid open source is exactly that, a descriptive name emphasizing on that the source code is open. I believe that the term was coined largely by corporations to counter the free software movement focusing on the reason behind it: computing freedom for everyone. This is backed by the fact that the majority of open source software advocates favor permissive licenses, while the free software movement usually recommends copyleft.

@cnx I think you may misunderstand my purpose. But the origin of the term "open source" is not a mystery. It was pushed by Eric S. Raymond, who was uncomfortable with the socialist leanings of the "Free Software" movement at the time. ESR's a libertarian, and libertarians are often hard to distinguish from corporate shills.

@freakazoid, I fail to see any misunderstanding. To quote ESR:

Second, the term [free software] makes a lot of corporate types nervous. While this does not intrinsically bother me in the least, we now have a pragmatic interest in converting these people rather than thumbing our noses at them. There’s now a chance we can make serious gains in the mainstream business world without compromising our ideals and commitment to technical excellence – so it’s time to reposition. We need a new and better label.

To be clear I have no beef with ESR or the OSI, their OSS definition is solid and a good addition to the free software movement. The issue is with the advocacy normalizing hypocritical behaviors (leeching off free labor and using it in proprietary works but with the good FOSS publicity).

FYI RMS is also a liberal, so let’s not bring other politics here.

@cnx You do not need to discuss "other politics" if you don't want to, but please don't jump onto my thread and tell me what I can and can't bring up.

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