Not gonna lie; I really miss when @djsundog, @cwebber , @loke, @akkartik, @freakazoid, @patrick, @requiem, and so many others who initially welcomed me to the Fediverse would post updates on their projects. It was motivational to me. And when a project update does manage to cross my feed, it still is.

Today, however, my feed is so heavily plastered over with political or economic content (almost universally negative), that I don't even see these updates anymore, if they're even being made at all.

I came here, to the Fediverse, to escape from reality a bit. It's now quickly reached the point where I now must seek out reality to escape from world consciousness.

Under no circumstances am I blaming anyone for this state of affairs, though. The world is totally a dumpster fire right now, and all manner of people who are directly affected by it have an absolute right to vent about it. I support this.

Still, I can't help but wax nostalgic of the days when my feed were more about thing hacking and less about hacking though life for basic survival.

@vertigo @djsundog @cwebber @loke @akkartik @freakazoid @patrick @requiem While I don't talk about politics and economics, I am guilty for neglecting my learning projects, which I know many people enjoyed living vicariously through me with excitement and eagerness I don't really have lately. I mostly focus on arts these days, probably because I'm so depressed that I have to. But hey, at least that's not politics :P


@shaen @vertigo I think a lot of us are suffering from the lockdown blues. I wonder how long it'll take for us to remember how to go out and do stuff once the restrictions start being lifted?

At this point I'm pretty sure my whole household has had Omicron, and we're all fully vaccinated, so theoretically I'm in little to no danger, nor am I a danger to anyone else. I guess I should check what the masking requirements are in Pittsburgh. Some places say you don't need one if you're vaccinated.

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@freakazoid @vertigo it's definitely the fact that all the time on the Internet has made me feel like every moment I'm online is wasted. I don't even know how to reintegrate. I disconnected a lot by obsessing about technology, and I feel like all the friends I used to have... they're either living a lifestyle I am better off without or they are tucked away in their own world as well. So it's really hard to be passionate about the Internet that at this point has culminated into something I wish I had never spent to so much time on now that its sometimes all that I have.

TLDR, things ARE more depressing and we do have to figure out how to deal with it.

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